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Gas boiler installers near me. Are you a homeowner looking for an effective heating solution? NRM Plumbing, Heating and Gas Boiler Replacement is the choice, for you. Our team specialises in gas boiler installations tailored to suit your needs ensuring a warm home. Count on our certified gas installers to assist you every step of the way in upgrading your heating system providing top-notch customer service and technical know-how.

When looking for gas boiler installers in your vicinity it’s important to select a company that values customer happiness, expertise and top-notch workmanship. NRM Plumbing Heating and Gas Boiler Replacement is a family-owned business, with a reputation for serving homeowners exceptionally well making them the preferred choice for gas boiler installations and replacements in the region.

As an RGI-certified gas installer, NRM Plumbing Heating and Gas Boiler Replacement offers an array of gas boiler options from brands like Viessmann, Worcester Bosch, and Ideal, ensuring the best gas boiler service in Dublin. Whether you’re upgrading a boiler or setting up a one their team of seasoned professionals is prepared to assist you in finding the ideal solution for your household.

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Reasons to Choose NRM for Your Gas Boiler Replacement

  1. Accredited and Certified: We hold accreditation from industry bodies such as RGI and SEAI, guaranteeing that all our installations adhere to safety and quality standards, with a special focus on the Dublin area.
  2. Expertise from Manufacturers: Our engineers receive training from leading boiler manufacturers enabling us to offer expert advice and installations, for boiler brands.
  3. Quotations: We offer quotes without any hidden fees or surprises. You’ll have an understanding of what to expect upfront ensuring peace of mind.
  4. Extensive Warranties: We provide a 10-year parts and labor guarantee with every boiler installation ensuring your peace of mind long after the setup is complete. Our focus is, on customer satisfaction and our friendly team is dedicated to providing service and ensuring your happiness throughout the process.

When it comes to gas boiler brands we only partner with trusted names known for their quality and efficiency. Some of the brands we offer include;

  • Viessmann: Renowned for their engineering and innovative technology Viessmann boilers are highly efficient and reliable.
  • Worcester Bosch: A known brand in the UK and Ireland Worcester Bosch boilers are recognised for their reliability and come with a 10-year warranty.
  • Ideal: Ideal boilers cater to various budgets and home sizes delivering high-efficiency heating and hot water performance.

Our team of experts, being registered gas installers, will assist you in choosing the best gas boiler for your home based on factors such as property size, radiator quantity, and hot water usage. We’ll work with you to find a boiler that meets both your needs and budget seamlessly. Enhancing Energy Efficiency and Cutting Your Energy Costs

When you upgrade your outdated gas boiler to a high-efficiency model, you can enjoy advantages such as reduced energy expenses, a smaller environmental impact, and a year warranty. Our rated condensing boilers are crafted to optimise energy efficiency keeping your living space cosy while conserving gas. By installing an energy boiler you stand to make significant savings on your yearly gas bills.

Apart from offering energy boilers, we can also provide guidance on enhancing your heating system efficiency through thermostats and radiator enhancements. Our aim is to assist you in creating an energy-saving home.

Additional Services Offered by NRM Plumbing Heating and Gas Boiler Replacement

In addition to gas boiler replacements Dublin residents recommend and new boiler installations, NRM Plumbing & Heating offers a range of services to keep your heating system running smoothly and efficiently:

Central Heating System Upgrades

  • Radiator replacement and installation
  • Smart thermostat installation for enhanced control and efficiency

Annual Gas Boiler Maintenance Services

  • To ensure optimal performance and longevity of your boiler, do not hesitate to contact us for a yearly boiler service.
  • Identifying potential issues before they become costly problems

With NRM Plumbing & Heating Gas boiler installers near me, you can trust that all your heating and plumbing needs will be taken care of by a team of experienced and reliable professionals.

NRM Plumbing Heating and Gas Boiler Replacement Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some of NRM Plumbing & Heating’s satisfied customers have to say:

“After doing lots of research online I decided to get NRM to replace our boiler. They did great work and I was very pleased so I used them again later on to replace all our radiators. The lads even cut a bit off our radiator covers so they’d still fit over our new ones. Communication was also very clear and quick and prices also quite reasonable. Very professional team all around. Would highly recommend to anyone.” – Fiona D

“We had a new boiler installed by NRM plumbing yesterday Bryan and Larry started at 8am and finished at 5pm. Excellent job done to very high standard and everywhere was left spotless. Thanks guys, highly recommend” – Patrick B

“Superb service and professionalism from start to finish. Very prompt responses in all communications, and very obliging in every way. Marvelous, tidy workmanship from Larry & Reece. Very strongly recommended!” – Richard Q


What’s the Price to Install a New Gas Boiler?

You might be wondering what the price of a modern boiler set in Ireland There is no one-size-fits-all answer. The reason is that various homes require different boilers. In simple sense, the bigger your home, the more radiators you’re likely to have, meaning you will require a larger boiler.

The selection of a boiler is also influenced by the amount of water you use – homes that have only one resident are likely to require more hot water than those with five residents. With our extensive experience in this field we are capable of giving you an estimate of the cost of a boiler, based on the information you supply us with.

In certain situations it is possible to change radiators and pipes while making a decision to install a brand new boiler which can increase the price. The best way to figure the most suitable option for your specific circumstance is to reach us and tell us about your needs.

As a general rule the price of new gas boilers starts at EUR1947 and can go up to EUR3000plus, depending on the features you require. As you will see, it’s crucial to select the correct boiler model for your house to make sure that the new gas boiler monthly installments are affordable in addition to ensuring that the model meets your requirements.

Can You Purchase Boilers on Finance Using Gas Boiler Replacement Paying Monthly?

Yes you can purchase gas boiler financing through humm finance. humm finance is a financing service that lets you have a specific amount of money available to purchase products using. The amount you can borrow will depend on the specific circumstances of your life including your income, status as an employee and so on.

In order to apply for humm financing you must be an Irish citizen or a permanent resident of Ireland and be minimum 18 years old. age. You must provide evidence of your address, PPS number and earn minimum EUR 21,000 per year.

Once you have been approved after approval, the amount of money you can access could be greater than what you need to buy a boiler. you’re in complete control and are able to spend the remaining balance however you want If you have any leftover after you’ve purchased an all-new boiler it’s your decision what to make of it.

Flexi-Fi is an easy method of purchasing boilers with credit.

Are You Able to Pay per Month to Purchase the Installation of a New Boiler?

You can not only purchase boilers with credit, but you can also make payments on a monthly basis too. Costs for your new boiler are managed by Flexi-Fi directly as well as NRM Plumbing and Heating which means that you’ll be making payments against your finance contract to Flexi-Fi. The monthly gas boiler replacement payments will be made directly to them. You will just pay the remaining balance month-to-month.

It’s a simple method of managing your money and also makes it simple to pay each month to purchase a new boiler.

How Often Should You Change the Gas-Powered Boiler?

If you’re thinking about how long the lifespan of a gas boiler be it is based on the condition that the furnace is. It is not uncommon that older boilers can last for decades however, at the point they need to be replaced, they’re extremely inefficient.

Efficiency declines for all boilers each year however, the more old boiler is, the more the decrease. Although new boilers just lose one or two percent efficiency after five years, older boilers that are more than 10 years old may already be operating with a 70% effectiveness due to their technology and the components they’re made of it is possible that they were more inefficient than contemporary boilers from the beginning.

In the event that you’re natural gas boiler experienced an extreme fault The chances are it will be more convenient (and more affordable) replacing it than repairing it, especially if you contact us for a quote on a new gas boiler. One good guideline is to review the warranty provided along with your boiler. If the boiler’s age is greater than the duration of warranty it’s an indication to consider an upgrade to the boiler in case there is a problem. . The average lifespan of modern boilers is 15 years If your boiler is more than that, it is certainly time to replace it.

Contact NRM Gas Boiler Replacement experts Dublin

Contact NRM for All Your Gas Boiler Requirements

Thinking about upgrading your gas boiler? Reach out to NRM, Gas boiler installers near me, today for expert guidance tailored to your needs. Our friendly team is available to answer any queries regarding boiler options, pricing estimates or financing alternatives. You can get in touch via phone, email or through our website contact form. Let NRM assist you in making your home more energy-efficient and comfortable with our gas boiler replacement services.

Don’t wait until winter sets in; manage your heating requirements proactively with NRM Plumbing, Heating and Gas boiler installers near me. We’re excited to support you in creating an cosy home, with a performing and eco-friendly gas boiler.

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