Investing in a gas boiler replacement is a great way to improve the efficiency of your heating system, reduce your energy bills, and keep your family warm – but not all gas boilers are the same. Here are a few things to consider before investing in a gas boiler replacement.

1. The Gas Boiler Manufacturer

When you buy any product, from running shoes to a new car, you will often gravitate towards names that you know and trust. For a business to build a reputation of quality and performance can take years, and just like any other industry, there are well-known and trusted brands for the manufacture of gas boilers.

Choosing a gas boiler replacement from one of these manufacturers helps to guarantee that the performance and lifespan of your chosen boiler will be maximized.

NRM Plumbing and Heating Ltd have chosen three brands for their exemplary record and the robustness of their boilers. We are SEAI & RGI accredited and approved installers for the following brands:


Ideal manufacture a wide range of boiler sizes and their boilers have received Quiet Mark accreditation due to the low level of noise produced during operation.

Worcester Bosch

Simple to operate, the award-winning Worcester Bosch boilers are highly efficient and come with an up-to-10-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Built with German efficiency, the Viessmann boilers also include long warranties and are superbly efficient.

2. How to Choose the Right Gas Boiler Replacement for your Home

The most important factor in choosing gas boiler replacement products is calculating your usage for both now and in the future. Boilers can last 10 to 15 years, possibly even longer, and a boiler that is suitable for a single person may not be as effective for a growing family. Your heating and hot water requirements may change as time goes on, so it is important to anticipate what the future may bring.

3. Gas Boiler Types

Your gas boiler replacement can be with the same type of boiler you currently have, or with a different type of boiler depending on your needs. In homes with a traditional heating system you may have a regular boiler that will require a cold-water tank and a hot water cylinder. System boilers need a hot water cylinder only, while combi boilers (combination boilers) do not need tanks or cylinders at all and heat water on demand.

4. Gas Boiler Sizes

The boiler size refers to the power of the boiler rather than its physical size, and this is measured in kilowatts (KW). In the simplest terms, the smaller your home, the lower the KW needed. However, the type of boiler chosen (combi/system/regular) will have an impact on performance, and some are better for certain usage situations than others.

At NRM Plumbing and Heating, we will make sure your gas boiler replacement matches your needs.

5. What is the most efficient Gas boiler?

Many boilers are highly efficient, and any modern gas boiler replacement is likely to be far more efficient than your existing boiler. The efficiency of a boiler is measured on several factors, with the most noted including the annual gas use and the lifetime cost to operate the boiler.

When these factors combine for a significant saving – 19% or more – over the cost you might expect for a standard boiler, it is worthwhile investing in a gas boiler replacement.

No hard and fast rule says any particular manufacturer, model, size, and type of boiler is the most efficient. It must be based on your anticipated usage, as a boiler that works well and is efficient and cost-effective for a small home may not perform well for a much larger home, and vice versa.

The manufacturers we specialize in – Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Viessmann – all produce a range of boilers that are individually recognised as some of the most efficient in their class.

6. Will a new Gas boiler replacement reduce my gas bill?

Assuming your usage patterns for all gas appliances stay the same, a new boiler will indeed reduce your gas bill. Optimising your choice of boiler to match your needs will mean that your gas boiler replacement will be able to provide the heating and hot water you need while using less gas than your previous boiler.

Of course, your gas bill may not be entirely linked to your boiler, as gas cookers, gas hobs, gas fires, and other appliances may need to use gas to function, and your gas boiler may not have an impact on this. However, an efficient gas boiler replacement may help you to use a gas fire less often.

In any case, your new gas boiler will use gas more efficiently to provide the heating and hot water you need, so an overall reduction is commonly seen – often reaching into the hundreds.

7. What is the most economical gas boiler?

Just like any other modern appliance, boilers have efficiency ratings from A to G. A boiler with an “A” rating is the most efficient and therefore economical boiler available. However, the age of a boiler will also have an impact on how economical it is.

A brand-new boiler with an “A” rating will run with over 90% efficiency, while a “G” rated boiler will be below 70%. Because of the technology used, older boilers will be much less efficient – a 15-year-old boiler will only be 80% efficient, and a boiler that is more than 25 years old will only be 60% efficient.

The lower the efficiency, the less economical it is to run, so if you are replacing a 25-year-old boiler with a new G-rated boiler, you will find it is more economical to run. Replace it with an A-rated boiler and you will see a tremendous difference!

How Do I Get a Gas Boiler Replacement?

Simply get in touch with the team at NRM and we will help you to evaluate the best gas boiler replacement for your individual situation. We can provide no-obligation quotations that will allow you to make an informed choice with complete transparency over the work required.

Contact us today to get started with your gas boiler replacement.

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