Gas cooker installers near me – When looking for gas cooker installers near me, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. Gas cooker installers / plumbers near Tallaght, Dublin, can have a wide range of experience and skills, and simply choosing the first gas cooker installer you find might be a mistake.

Here are 10 things to consider when hiring local contractors:

1. Gas Cooker Installers Near Me – Make sure the company is registered and insured

This is one of the most important factors to consider when hiring any contractor, but it’s imperative when dealing with gas cookers. With an experienced gas cooker installer, it is highly unlikely that something will go wrong, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If something goes wrong, you want to ensure the company is insured. To reduce the chance of this happening in the first instance, knowing that the company is registered and approved by the SEAI and other institutions can give you peace of mind.

2. Check reviews

Reviews for gas cooker installers near me can be found on many different websites, and it’s important to read reviews before hiring anyone. Checking reviews will give you a good idea of the quality of work you can expect.

Look for reviews that go into detail. While “The team were great” or “Everything went as expected” are good reviews, the more details you can get, the better. Did the gas cooker installer do what was expected? Was every issue solved? How long did the process take?

You’ll have an overall better experience when choosing gas cooker installers near me if you know what to expect.


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3. Ask for referrals

If you know someone who has recently had a gas cooker installed, ask for a referral. This is one of the best ways to find a reputable contractor.

It’s similar to reading a review, but from someone you know personally who will tell you the whole truth. If they had a bad experience, they’d tell you – and if they had a great experience, they’d make sure you know!

4. Get multiple quotes

Get multiple quotes from different contractors once you’ve narrowed down your options. This will help you ensure you are getting a fair price.

The gas cooker installation cost in Ireland can vary from region to region and town to town, and the gas cooker installers Dublin homes need might not be the cheapest. As with all things, you’ll get the quality you pay for – don’t always go for the very lowest price, as this may mean that corners are being cut.

Consider every factor for registered gas installers near me when you look at the gas cooker installation cost Ireland has to pay.


5. Compare experience levels

When considering gas cooker installers near me, comparing experience levels is important. You want to make sure the contractor you hire has plenty of experience installing gas cookers.

Gas cooker installers near Tallaght, Dublin, might have only been trading for a few months, or they may have years of experience like the team at NRM. The greater the experience, the deeper the knowledge. Every home and every gas cooker installation will be different, so knowing how to handle every situation can be the difference between success and failure.

6. Ask about warranty options

Most reputable gas cooker installers will offer a warranty on their work. When you choose good gas cooker installers near me, you are unlikely to face any issues. However, this is important if something goes wrong after the installation.

Having the backup of a professional gas engineer will give you the peace of mind that if there is a problem, it will be fixed quickly.

7. Make sure the contractor is familiar with your gas cooker model

There are a variety of gas cookers on the market, and not all contractors are familiar with all models. Make sure the contractor you hire is familiar with your specific gas cooker model.

At the very least, they should be familiar with the manufacturer. New models are released all the time, but manufacturers tend to stick to certain methods of achieving results. Registered gas installers near me should be familiar with all the popular makes and models and should know how to work with those that are less common too.


NRM Plumbing Heating and Gas Boiler Replacement, 26 Glendoo Close, Walkinstown, Dublin 12. D12E7N9. Phone: +353 1 535 29 48. Mobile: +353 87 990 89 13

8. Gas Cooker Installers Near Me – Check they are on the RGI gas installers list

This is a list of registered gas installers who are qualified to install gas cookers. Only hire a contractor who is on this list.

Why? It simply protects you and your family from potential harm. A gas cooker that is not installed correctly can leak gas or even cause an explosion – it makes sense to choose a company from the list of registered gas installers.

Registered Gas Installers must meet certain criteria and pass specific tests to ensure their knowledge and ability are both top-notch. It’s also a legal requirement that anyone undertaking “gas work” is registered, so being on the RGI gas installers list is very important.

9. Ask about their safety procedures

Installing a gas cooker – or any gas appliance – can be dangerous, so you want to make sure the contractor you hire has the proper safety procedures in place.

Knowing how to install a gas cooker is one thing, but it is crucial to know how to do it safely. When you choose gas cooker installers near me, make sure they have all the necessary safety equipment and that the person working in your home is properly trained.

At NRM plumbing Dublin, every team member is fully trained and adheres to strict safety regulations.

10. Get everything in writing

Before hiring a gas cooker installer, get everything in writing. This includes the price, the warranty, and the scope of work.

This will protect you if there are any problems down the line and will give you something to refer back to if there are any disagreements.

Make sure you understand everything written in the contract before signing it. If you’re unsure of anything, ask the contractor to explain it.

NRM offers several services for gas cooker installation in Ireland, with prices confirmed on-site before the work begins. Provisional prices are gas hob installation at €320, small freestanding gas cooker installation at €370, and large freestanding range cooker installation (needing an extra installer to manoeuvre cooker in and out of position) at €480.

All labour and materials are included within the price, and an RGI certificate will be supplied upon completion. All three installation offers include a carbon monoxide alarm.

Please note that these prices assume that your existing gas system is up to RGI standards and does not include any electrical work (which must be completed by your own qualified electrician) or any alterations to your kitchen or countertops required for the installation.

Ready to Find Gas Cooker Installers Near Me?

Hiring gas cooker installers near me doesn’t have to be a daunting task. If you keep these 10 factors in mind, you’ll find the perfect contractor for the job.

If you’re looking for gas cooker installers near Tallaght, Dublin, look no further than NRM. Our fully trained and certified gas engineers can install your gas cooker quickly and safely. Contact us today to get a quote.

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