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  1. 1. Set your controls correctly
  2. 2. Look for leaks
  3. 3. Check the Water Pressure
  4. 4. Don’t Run Out of Oil
  5. 5. Replace Old Boilers
  6. 6. Minimise Corrosion
  7. 7. Get Your Boiler Serviced Regularly

Oil boilers are a great way to generate heat and hot water for your home, but they can also be a huge pain if you don’t maintain them properly. Below, you will find seven tips on how oil boiler owners can maintain their system with an oil boiler service and regular maintenance. If you follow these tips, your oil boiler should last for years, and you’ll save time and money in the long run.

1. Oil Boiler Service  – Set your controls correctly

Everybody knows that it is pointless to set up your heating system so that it is too cold to be effective, but it’s less well-known that setting it too high is a bad idea.

Boiler controls can be set to meet your needs, achieving the temperature that suits you and your home and only providing heat during specific time periods. If you’re out at work for a large part of the week, you don’t necessarily want the heating on while you aren’t there – this can add up to a significant saving on your bills, is better for the environment.

The less stress your boiler faces, the more efficient it will be over time and the longer it will last – only using it when you need to will reduce the level of stress your boiler is under.

2. Looks for leaks

Leaks reduce the efficiency of your boiler and are never a good sign. While most leaks can be fixed easily, they can develop into a serious problem if they are left untreated.

A leak may not be a problem in itself and can be a symptom of a failure elsewhere in the system. Get any leaks checked by the professionals at NRM Plumbing Heating and Gas Boiler Replacement to ensure your safety and the continued efficient operation of your boiler.

Leaks can often be spotted during an oil boiler service, but it remains important to be alert and on the lookout.

3. Check the Water Pressure

All boilers have an optimum operating range for water pressure. The exact level will depend on the size of your home, but the details should be clearly marked on the boiler itself.

It’s a simple task to top up the water in your system if the pressure level has dropped too low, but if you find that you constantly need to top up the water, you may have a leak.

As you’ve seen above, leaks in oil boiler systems are never a good sign, so get them checked.

The water pressure is an important part of your system as it often dictates the efficiency of your oil boiler. While you may not need to check this every day or even month, if you have any concerns about its performance level, then please do contact NRM for more assistance.

4. Oil Boiler Service – Don’t Run Out of Oil

If you are relying on oil to fuel your oil boiler, don’t let it run out! Clearly, running out of oil will stop your boiler from working and providing the heat you need, but there’s a bigger problem to consider – what happens when you refill.

The best practice is to top up your oil whenever you can, for if you run out completely, air is likely to get into the system, and you’ll need to bleed the oil line to get your boiler fired up again.

Different boilers work in slightly different ways, so while some have a gauge that shows an approximate oil level, others may require a different method of checking.

Running out of oil can also cause a build-up of sludge within the oil tank, which reduces the efficiency of your boiler and could potentially cause blockages. Whatever you need to do to confirm the oil level, make sure to check regularly and keep that oil topped up!

5. Replace Old Boilers

Maintenance will only get you so far, and if your boiler is very old, replacing it will be the best option.

As a Grant Oil Boilers supplier we recommend Grant Oil Boilers, and we don’t supply any other brand. We know that the reliability and quality of Grant boilers are exceptional, and replacing your old boiler will produce numerous benefits.

If you find that your boiler is not working more often than it is working reliably or that your water isn’t heating as you expect it to, then there’s a chance you’ll need a new boiler.

We know that replacing a boiler is a big job, but sometimes it is necessary – and a new, more efficient boiler will save you money due to fewer repairs and by using less fuel.

If you’re in doubt about how to proceed with your old boiler, get in touch today.

6. Oil Boiler Service – Minimize Corrosion

Corrosion is bad news for your heating system. Finding rust on the outside of any tanks, radiators, or pipes can indicate a problem, but it can be the unseen rust that causes the biggest issue.

When rust develops inside pipes or radiators, it can flow around the system until it lands and creates sludge or a blockage. The build-up can go unnoticed for quite some time.

The easiest ways to avoid such problems are by regularly power flushing your heating system or installing a magnetic filter to trap and remove the rust particles in the water.

7. Get Your Boiler Serviced Regularly

How do you keep an oil boiler in good condition?  An oil boiler service will do the job.

In order to ensure that your oil boiler is operating at maximum efficiency, you need to have it serviced regularly by a professional who understands oil boilers and can see any potential problems before they become worse or lead to costly repairs in the future.

An oil boiler service once every 12 months is enough to keep the majority of boilers in top operating condition, saving you money and relieving any concerns you may have.

While we are a supplier of Grant Oil boilers, we can offer an oil boiler service on all major brands. We can also provide expert advice on maintaining your oil boiler and keeping it running for as long as possible.

For more information about our services or any other aspect of oil boiler maintenance,  please contact us today.

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