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As winter rapidly approaches, you’re probably getting ready to fire up your boiler and enjoy a warm and cosy home until the warmer weather returns. Plumbers in Dublin agree that it’s always a great idea to ensure that your home and heating system are ready for winter, so here are some tips on what you need to be aware of.

Check Inside and Outside Your Home

It doesn’t matter how efficient your gas boiler or heating system is if your home isn’t going to keep the warmth inside. Draught-proofing is one way in which you can ensure the maximum amount of heat is retained, and it’s easy to do. You can easily install self-adhesive draught-proofing strips around doors and windows, and letterbox flaps can stop the cold from getting in.

It’s also worth investigating any insulation you have in your roof space – if it’s not thick enough or there are gaps, you could be losing heat through the top of your home.

While you’re investigating the upper areas of your home, consider checking your guttering too. Broken, leaking, or blocked guttering and pipes can cause big problems in winter. Even internal pipes can cause issues in winter, so if your toilet keeps running, your bath or sink won’t drain properly, or you think you might have clogged drains, you’ll need NRM plumbers in Dublin to solve the problem for you.

Lagging pipes is also good practice to help prevent them from bursting if they are directly exposed to cold weather.

Know Your Home

The emergency plumbers Dublin residents can call on will arrive as quickly as possible, but if you’ve got a problem with a burst pipe or another kind of leak, turning off the flow of water will minimize the damage. Find your water stopcock before winter sets in so you can turn the water off whenever you need to.

Check Your Water Pressure

Turn on your taps and make certain that the water comes through quickly. If it just dribbles or drips through, you may have an issue with the water pressure in your home.

This can be indicative of a problem with a blocked pipe, a leak, or several other plumbing issues. These problems will need fixing before winter sets in as cold weather can make them substantially worse, so contact the plumbers Dublin trusts – NRM.

Test Your Heating System

Test your heating before you need to use it. If you find that you have no hot water, or the heating doesn’t work as expected, or potentially both issues at the same time, you’ll want to get it repaired by the plumbers Dublin trusts.

If you suspect there is a problem with the boiler, never try to fix it yourself. Always choose the trained professionals at NRM to diagnose and repair the problem for you.

Check Your Radiators

Do you need replacement radiators, or do your existing radiators just need a little maintenance? During summer, when you use your radiators and heating less frequently, there may be a build-up of air in the heating system. Bleed your radiators to get the air out and ensure they are working at maximum efficiency.

If you find they still don’t heat your home well, it may be time to consider replacement radiators or other upgrades to your heating system.

Have a Gas Boiler Service Completed

Regularly getting a Gas Boiler Service, will ensure that it continues to run efficiently and will help you to spot any problems with it early on. It’s much easier to perform preventative maintenance than it is to repair a problem after it has taken hold.

Gas boiler servicing will also help to maintain the safety of your boiler, giving you peace of mind over the coming months.

Do You Need a Gas Boiler Replacement?

If your boiler is running inefficiently, is quite old, or possibly dangerous to use, you will need a gas boiler replacement. NRM’s gas boiler quote tool will help you to find the price of a replacement boiler, and gas boiler finance is available if you need it through Flexi-Fi.

It’s important to remember that although there is a cost associated with replacing a boiler, modern boilers run much more efficiently than boilers from even just 10 years ago. The savings in energy bills will offset the cost of the replacement as you’ll be spending less to heat the same space.

You may also need to consider hot water cylinder replacement if your heating system uses such a cylinder. A new hot water cylinder can greatly improve the efficiency of your heating system. However, a gas boiler replacement isn’t the only way you can save money on your heating bills.

The Heating Controls Upgrade Grant

Older boilers and heating system may only have one setting – it’s either on or off. Modern systems include the ability to heat the home and water separately, set 7-day timers to ensure the heating is only on when you need it and to configure different zones in your home. Zones allow you to apply different heating settings to your bedroom and living room, for example.

Upgrading your heating controls is easy with the SEAI Heating Controls Upgrade Grant. It can allow integration with smart devices, and you can turn the heating on or off even if you aren’t at home.

Be Prepared

The most important factor when preparing for the winter is to consider your happiness. You’ll feel happier in a warm home that is free from leaks – but don’t forget to take care of yourself. Make sure you’ve stocked up on non-perishable food and other essentials so that even if the weather gets really bad, you’ll still be OK.

Know Who To Contact When You Need Emergency Plumbers in Dublin

Even if you take every precaution possible, the unexpected can still happen. Make sure you know who to contact when you need emergency plumbers – call NRM whenever you need assistance. From burst pipes to problems with your heating system, complete gas boiler replacements and replacement radiators, we’re here to help.

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