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  1. 1. Odd Noises
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  3. 3. Unexpected Changes in Shower Temperature
  4. 4. Leaking Water
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  7. Does my water pump need repair or replacement?
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  9. What causes a water pump to stop working?
  10. How do you fix a water pump?
  11. How long does it take to fix a water pump?
  12. How long should a shower pump last?
  13. Why is my shower pump not working?
  14. How do I get rid of an airlock in my shower pump?

A water pump can be found in most homes as it is an integral part of a central heating system, but you can also find water pumps within showers. Sometimes, the only way you know your water pump isn’t working is when you discover the flow of water has stopped completely – but how else can you spot a bad water pump that needs water pump repair?

1. Odd Noises

If you can hear strange noises coming from your water pump, whether it’s clicking, grinding, or screeching, there’s a good chance there’s something wrong with the pump. While the Monsoon pump negative head is known for being very quiet, any pump that makes more noise than usual can be going bad.

The Monsoon pump warranty can cover repairs to broken pumps, but you need to spot if you have a problem in the first instance. Odd noises emanating from a “super silent” pump is a giveaway!

2. Irregular Central Heating

Water pump repair may be needed if your central heating isn’t behaving as expected. If your radiators don’t heat up, or only certain radiators heat up, it may be a sign that your water pump needs repair. The pump in a central heating system circulates the water around the entire system, through each radiator in turn. If the pump is suffering from reduced power or effectiveness, the hot water either won’t move very well or will circulate in the system too slowly.

This simply means that by the time it reaches radiators that are further away from the pump, the water will have cooled and the heating will be ineffective.

3. Unexpected Changes in Shower Temperature

Shower pumps like the ST15 twin pump work in just the same way as central heating pumps, sending water through the system. In the case of a shower pump, the water shoots out of the showerhead rather than warming a room via a radiator.

If the pump is misbehaving, the water may come out of the shower at a higher or lower temperature than expected, often changing during the course of a shower. If you’re suffering from unwanted temperature fluctuations in the shower, it could be a sign that you need water pump repair.

4. Leaking Water

As with any component of a plumbing system, the water pump should perform its task and keep the water inside the system. If a seal is broken or the pump is damaged in some way, you may find water leaking out of your boiler or from the bottom of the shower.

When the pump starts leaking, it’s time to get it repaired.

5. Reduced Water Flow

A water pump is a pushing device – it pushes water from one end of the system to the other. If its capacity to pump is diminished, the water flow will also decrease. This is most noticeable in a shower where your jets of water may turn into slow dribbles.

The solution? Water pump repair.

What Is The Cost Of Water Pump Repair?

This will depend on the exact issues with the pump (and what parts are needed to repair it) and the age of the pump. As noted above, the Monsoon pump warranty can cover the cost of repair, and all new pumps will come with a warranty of some kind.

It’s not so much “How much does it cost to fix a water pump?”, but more “Is the repair covered by a warranty?”

Does my water pump need repair or replacement?

Can you repair a water pump? This will depend on what has caused it to stop working in the first place. Simple issues can be repaired quickly, but for more complex problems it can be simpler and cheaper to replace the pump. Reconditioned shower pumps provide an economical replacement option, while Stuart Turner pump prices can offer good value for money – in some cases, you certainly get what you are willing to pay for.

What to do if a water pump is not working?

In the first instance, contact a plumber to diagnose the fault. When water isn’t flowing or radiators aren’t heating up, it doesn’t always mean that the water pump is at fault.

What causes a water pump to stop working?

There are multiple reasons that a water pump fails, including age, use, whether the appropriate maintenance has been performed, whether you live in a hard water area, etc.

How do you fix a water pump?

The simplest way to fix a water pump is to call in qualified professional plumbers who can diagnose the problem and fix it for you. An experienced plumber will tell you if your pump can be repaired, or if a cheaper option is to replace it.

How long does it take to fix a water pump?

Repairing a damaged pump can take some time, depending on the parts that need replacing/fixing. Replacing a whole water pump unit is a faster task and can be completed within a few hours.

How long should a shower pump last?

With any device, the warranty it comes with should indicate the expected trouble-free life of the product. The Monsoon pump warranty, for example, is usually 5 years. Once the pump reaches over 5 years of age, it is more likely to fail than at 3 years.

Some pumps will last much longer than their warranty, and some will need repairing before the warranty runs out. Manufacturers base their warranty lengths on the estimated average length of expected operation of the item.

Why is my shower pump not working?

There can be many reasons why your shower pump isn’t working and you may need shower pump repair. If you want to know “How do I fix my shower pump?” then the simplest answer is to call in the experts – NRM Plumbing and Heating.

Shower pumps may stop working due to component failure, broken seals, or even blockages caused by air, known as airlocks.

How do I get rid of an airlock in my shower pump?

An airlock is removed from a shower pump in the same way as in a radiator – you need to bleed the pump of air.  This is achieved by turning off the electrical supply to the pump and allowing water to run through it.

It can be tricky to get right, so if you’re in doubt, choose a local plumber for all your shower repair needs.

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