Gas Boiler Installation – Table of Contents

When to Replace Your Gas Boiler
Choosing the Right Gas Boiler
Trusting Gas Work to RGI Installers
Finding a Reputable Dublin RGI Firm
Vetting Your Dublin RGI Thoroughly
The Installation Process
Gas Boiler Installation Costs
Ongoing Care and Maintenance
Why Choose NRM Plumbing Heating and Gas Boiler Replacement
Free Consultation and Quotes

Replacement of gas boiler is an extensive home improvement project that requires careful planning and execution. This guide offers Dubliners all they need to know about installing a new gas boiler – from when and why they should upgrade, selecting an appropriate model, hiring certified installers, understanding the installation process and calculating costs – right up until installation day itself (More info on: The Definitive Guide to Replacing Your Gas Boiler). Read on for expert advice to make your installation experience go as smoothly as possible

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When is It Time to Replace Your Gas Boiler?

As gas boilers age, their performance may deteriorate to indicate it may be time for replacement (More info on: Viessmann Vitodens 100 Gas Boiler review):

  • Frequent breakdowns and costly repairs indicate that a boiler repair or replacement might be necessary (More info on: Boiler Repair).
  • Noisy operation with rumbling sounds. As energy efficiency drops, energy bills continue to skyrocket.
  • Long heat-up times and difficulty maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures (due to inefficiency)
  • Rust accumulation and water leakage also become problems.

Replacing an older, inefficient gas boiler with a high-efficiency model offers many appealing advantages (More info on: Electric Boilers vs Oil Boilers vs Gas Boilers – Which is best for my home?):

  • New boilers can reduce gas usage by over 30% and offer better temperature control, faster heating times and reduced CO leak risk – not to mention peace of mind knowing your boiler won’t unexpectedly break down. They may even raise property resale values.
  • With rising home heating costs, installing a new gas boiler often pays for itself in just a few years through utility bill savings and rebates and incentive schemes in Dublin that help offset upfront investment costs.


Selecting the Appropriate Gas Boiler

Selecting the optimal gas boiler for your home is paramount to optimizing performance and savings (More info on: How to Choose the Right Size Viessmann Gas Boiler for Your Home). Some key factors to keep in mind include:

Boiler Types:

Combi Boilers (More info on: What is a Combi Boiler & What Size Boiler Is Best For My House?)

These boilers deliver hot water directly on demand without the need for storage tanks – ideal for homes with one bathroom and multiple fixtures (More info on: Attic Water Tank Replacement).

System Boilers

System boilers use a separate hot water cylinder which is ideal for larger properties with multiple bathrooms (More info on: Hot Water Cylinder Replacement), while

Regular boilers only heat water or radiators and require their own hot water cylinder to do this task.

Leading Brands for Boilers / Radiators

  • Worcester Bosch are market leaders renowned for reliability and efficiency.
  • Viessmann boasts German engineering that provides superior comfort and savings on boiler service and maintenance.
  • Ideal are also highly efficient gas boiler solutions with cost-effective models available – see efficiency ratings below for further information (More info on: Gas Boiler Repair).

Consider purchasing an A-rated high-efficiency boiler of over 90% efficiency to achieve maximum savings on gas bills through Bord Gáis Energy or other suppliers, and reduce boiler prices in the long run.

Output and Sizing

Accurately matching the BTU heating output with your home size is critical for efficient boiler operation; an installer can recommend an appropriate model and power.

An expensive top-of-the-line boiler may seem appealing, but an experienced installer can assist in selecting a midrange gas boiler that best meets your specific needs and still offers high performance and savings.


RGI Installers of Dublin are trusted experts when it comes to Gas Work.

By law in Ireland, any work on gas boilers, appliances or installations must be performed by an RGI-certified expert – any unregistered engineers or DIY attempts without such certification is illegal and dangerous (More info on: Gas Boiler Replacement Templeogue).

Unauthorized installation could present serious dangers, including gas leaks, explosions, carbon monoxide poisoning and severe fines if non-compliance is discovered. Gas systems and appliances involve complex trades-work that leaves no room for error.

Certified gas installation experts undergo extensive training and testing in order to receive their official registration status, which ensures they have all of the expertise needed to safely handle any gas system or appliance safely and correctly.

RGIs must adhere to stringent standards of work and may lose their registration if issues or complaints are lodged against them. Homeowners who hire RGI-registered plumbers/gas engineers benefit from experienced RGI-registered experts with proven expertise in handling various types of boilers, who abide by safety regulations, and deliver accountable service.

Your family’s health depends on selecting an experienced, vetted gas installation expert. Do not cut corners or attempt any work without proper RGI credentials.

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Finding a Reputable Dublin RGI Firm

The Register of Gas Installers of Ireland (RGII) provides a searchable database of registered gas installers by county, which is a good starting point for finding certified gas service engineers near you.

You can then research potential RGIs thoroughly:

  • Check online reviews and testimonials regarding their service, response times, professionalism and quality of work. Look for consistent positive feedback.
  • Examine their website closely for specifics like RGI registration numbers, experience with your type of project, pictures of previous work, bios on technicians, and customer service policies.
  • Ask detailed questions over the phone or at an in-person consultation to gauge competency. Inquire about their specific RGI qualifications, the full process involved, any project warranties and guarantees, and proof of insurance.
  • Get clear explanations for vague claims or if an installer seems reluctant to furnish credentials and documents. The best RGIs will be very transparent.
  • Trust your instincts during this process – if an installer appears evasive, rushed or gives you a bad feeling, keep looking. Don’t take chances when it comes to gas safety.

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Vetting Your Dublin RGI Thoroughly

Once you’ve identified several potential RGIs through reviews and research, vet them thoroughly before making a decision:

  • Verify their business and individual technician RGI registration numbers through the official registry. Check records with the RGII.
  • Closely review insurance certificates to guarantee current, valid coverage for any potential damages or injuries. Request policy documents directly from the insurer if unsure.
  • Examine contracts, quotes and service plans in detail. Ensure fair, transparent pricing with no hidden charges.
  • Confirm the company has an established, positive reputation over many years serving customers in your area of Dublin. Extensive experience brings expertise.

Being extremely meticulous at this stage protects you from potential issues down the road. Take the time to carefully validate and cross-check credentials, policies, reputation and expertise so you can hire your RGI registered gas installer with full confidence.

The Installation Process

A typical gas boiler installation follows a precise sequence over 1-2 days carried out by your RGI’s experienced engineers:

  • Thorough site inspection and planning prior to installation day.
  • Isolating water and gas supplies and draining the existing boiler. Removal and disposal of old boiler.
  • Positioning and mounting the new boiler on brackets to the wall.
  • Connecting the boiler to gas, water and electricity supplies using best practices.
  • Installing new thermostats, programmers, radiator valves and system controls as needed.
  • Commissioning the boiler, testing for leaks, and ensuring optimal combustion settings.
  • Flushing the system to remove debris and bacteria. Protective chemical treatment added.
  • Checking system pressure, temperature, and safety valves and providing manuals plus warranty.

Strict gas safety procedures will be adhered to at all times. Your RGI will also handle contacting the council for building regulations approval and organising all necessary inspections. You can be confident the installation will comply fully with RGI’s professional code of practice.

Gas Boiler Installation Costs

The average cost for a New Gas Boiler Replacement Near Me ranges from €2,600 – €4,000+ depending on the specific model, system requirements and complexity of the job.

Factors influencing the price include:

  • Boiler type and brand – Combi boilers tend to cost less than system or regular boilers.
  • Efficiency rating – A-rated models cost more than lower-efficiency boilers.
  • Size and output – The required heating capacity affects the price.
  • Controls – Smart thermostats and programmers add cost.
  • Flue modifications -Updating flues for condensing boilers may add expense.
  • Location – Accessibility impacts hourly labour rates.
  • System cleaning – Removing sludge and treating adds to costs.

To help spread out payments interest-free, humm by Flexifi offers gas boiler finance plans allowing you to pay for your new boiler in manageable monthly instalments, making gas boiler replacement in Dublin more accessible (More info on: Gas Boiler Finance).

Always obtain detailed fixed-price quotes compared on a like-for-like basis from RGIs. Avoid vague hourly rate estimates.


Ongoing Care and Maintenance

To keep your new gas boiler running safely and efficiently for years to come, ongoing maintenance is essential (More info on: Gas Boiler Replacement Rathfarnham):

  • Annual servicing by your RGI to inspect, adjust and clean the boiler. This prevents problems and keeps it tuned for peak efficiency.
  • Check warranties – Models such as Worcester Bosch offer warranties up to 10 years for peace of mind.
  • Familiarise yourself with the owner’s manual and troubleshooting tips to spot issues.
  • Keep the system topped up with water and free of debris and leaks.
  • Consider a power flush to prevent harmful sludge buildup.
  • Ensure proper ventilation and flue condition. Do not block air or exhaust vents.

With regular professional servicing and correctly following care guidelines, your new gas boiler will deliver comfort and savings for decades.

Why Choose NRM Plumbing Heating & Gas Boiler Replacement for Your Boiler Installation

With many many years of serving homes in Dublin, NRM Plumbing Heating & Gas Boiler Replacement offers an unmatched level of experience and expertise in installing and repairing gas central heating systems (More info on: Gas Boiler Installers Near Me).

Our fully certified gas engineers hold current RGI registration and adhere to the highest safety and workmanship standards. We handle everything from boiler replacements to new system installations and gas appliance repairs.

As Worcester Bosch and Viessmann accredited installers, we recommend and fit top boiler brands renowned for reliability and efficiency. Our priority is always the safety, comfort and satisfaction of our customers. We offer transparent quotes, fair pricing, and provide gas boiler finance options (More info on: Can I Finance A New Boiler?).

For any gas boiler installation or heating system upgrade, our certified RGIs have the knowledge and credentials to complete your project to exacting standards. Contact us today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation and quote.

Contact NRM Dublin - Gas Boiler Installation experts

Free Consultation and Quotes

To explore upgrading your gas boiler or heating system, contact our team at NRM Plumbing Heating & Gas Boiler Replacement to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation and quote:

Phone: 087 990 89 13

Our experts are ready to inspect your current system, make recommendations, and provide transparent quotes detailing the full gas boiler installation process and costs. We handle all paperwork and council approvals – your job will be compliant, efficient and competitively priced with no hidden charges.

For an RGI installer you can trust to complete your boiler installation properly from start to finish, contact us today and breathe easier knowing your home and family will stay warm and comfortable for years to come (More info on: What to Look for When Hiring RGI installers Dublin).

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