Replacement Radiators Dublin – Do you need replacement radiators? Or are you, like many people, unsure? As long as your home is warm and the heating comes on when you want it to, are there any benefits to installing replacement radiators? In fact, is it even possible to replace radiators without replacing your entire heating system?

Unsurprisingly, there are many questions to answer as unless you’re a plumber, you probably don’t interact with radiators or boilers all that much. And until the radiators stop producing heat, you might think there’s no real reason to make any changes – but you could be wrong.

Can you replace old radiators?

The short answer is “yes”, replacement radiators are very much a possibility. For very old heating systems, you may need to install adapters or possibly replace the pipework. Older pipes were most likely measured in inches, while new pipes and radiators are measured in millimetres.

Changing from one to the other can cause an issue, but not always – it’s worth checking with a qualified plumber Dublin residents recommend to make sure.

Other than that, you can certainly replace your radiators and most likely won’t need to replace your boiler. There are many different shapes, sizes, and types of radiators available these days, but all connect to your heating system in the same way.

Is it worth replacing old radiators?

On the face of it, there are plenty of reasons to replace your old radiators or even just two or three of them. For one thing, older radiators are not particularly efficient – in fact, they’re pretty awful at transferring heat into a room compared to modern replacement radiators.

Old radiators can be challenging to repair when they do have problems, and replacement radiators are far cheaper to maintain and run. New replacement radiators are more energy-efficient, which means they provide better value for money when it comes to heating your home or business.

With a wide variety of styles available, you can improve the look of any room with a new radiator. Switch your traditional wall-sized bathroom radiator for a towel-rail style radiator without losing the heating benefit to see the visual difference!

If a radiator has broken (perhaps it is leaking) or isn’t producing heat, new radiators will greatly benefit your home. However, if your boiler is on its last legs, replacement radiators may not provide the solution you need unless you replace the boiler simultaneously.

The boiler initially generates the heat, and if that isn’t doing its job, your home won’t get warm – new radiators or otherwise.

Old radiators can rust, become blocked, and always become less efficient over time. Replacing them with new ones will actually lower your fuel bills as less energy will be needed to heat your home.

It’s not just that modern designs are better than older ones – it’s also that working new radiators provide more heat than old broken ones!

Replacement Radiators Dublin – Do you need a plumber to replace a radiator?

If you’re not entirely sure how your system works, or if replacement radiators are not the only part of the process that needs replacing, then yes – you will probably need a dublin plumber.

While replacement radiators are fairly self-contained units that can be handled by anyone with basic knowledge and common sense, it’s still not recommended that you try the job yourself.

If something isn’t connected correctly, you could suddenly spring a leak, and your whole home will be flooded before you know it. What happens if you connect the radiator and it still doesn’t heat your room?

And under no circumstances should you ever interfere with the operation of a gas boiler – leave it to the professionals.

At NRM, we have the skills and experience to get through even challenging jobs quickly and efficiently. We know the problems we are likely to encounter and how to avoid (or fix) them.

If you’re not a trained plumber and/or gas engineer, trust the professional team at NRM to do the job for you. It’s better to live in a warm home with replacement radiators than to be sat in a pool of water in a freezing house!


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Replacement Radiators Dublin – How much does it typically cost to replace a radiator?

Typically, an individual radiator will start from around €200, depending on the size and style you want. In addition, a labour cost will be attached for a plumber to install it for you, but as you’ve seen above, this is the most effective and safe way to do it.

If you replace multiple radiators at the same time (which is often recommended), you’ll find the cost to be lower than doing each one individually. To replace a radiator, your heating system needs to be drained, but this only needs to be done once, even if you’re having ten replacement radiators installed – the more replacement radiators, the lower the labour cost per unit, and the more benefit to your home.

Should I wait for my heating to stop working before replacing radiators?

Definitely not! It’s much better to install replacement radiators before it becomes an emergency replacement job. New replacement radiators are significantly more efficient than old, broken radiators. If you can avoid an emergency replacement job by installing replacement radiators in the warm months when they won’t have to work so hard, why wouldn’t you?

It’s much better to give yourself a comfortable home all year round than to worry about replacement radiators in the depths of winter.

Replacement Radiators Dublin – Will adding replacement radiators increase the value of my home?

Replacing old or broken radiators with modern replacement radiators Dublin residents recommend is a great way to improve both the look and the comfort of your home. A home with an efficient and modern heating system will always be valued more highly than a home with a broken or inefficient heating system.

It’s important to remember that replacement radiators can increase the value of your home, but it won’t happen by itself. If you want to be sure that replacement radiators are going to give you a solid return on investment, then put in some work when it comes to selling your home – clean up, add a lick of paint, and make everywhere look polished and ready for sale.

Replacement radiators are an investment in your home, and you’ll be happy that you made the right decision for many years to come.


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