A shower pump is a small, powerful motor that ensures water can pass through your shower head at the appropriate pressure. Shower pumps are often the cause of shower problems, but without them, your shower may not work at all – which means that shower pump repair Dublin can be a vital service.

If your shower isn’t working as expected, it could be due to a problem with your shower pump.

How do I fix my shower pump?

The first thing to establish is the cause of your problem. Not every problem with your shower will require shower pump repair.

In the first instance, making a few simple checks can help. Is the power to the pump turned on? Are you sure it hasn’t tripped out?

The inlet and outlet pipes should be straight, and water flow can be affected if they are kinked or blocked. When the inlet pipe is blocked, it can cause the pump to run dry, which is a common cause of the power tripping out.

If everything looks in order, you can try the common fix of turning it off and back on again. This should reset the pump, and your shower may spring back into life.

If you’ve been through all of the above, here are a few common issues that you may also face with your shower pump.

Noisy or Humming Pump

If the pump is rattling or even occasionally banging, it is most likely a vibration issue. This can be caused by the method of installation. Anti-vibration feet must be installed, and the pump should be supported by a firm and level surface.

If the pump is humming, this can indicate an entirely different fault. It could be jammed, blocked, or completely clogged with limescale. Shower pump repair may be out of the question at this stage, and the pump could need replacing.

Pressure Problems

There is always a certain level of pressure that is “just right”, and when your shower is exhibiting too much or too little pressure, it might be time for shower pump repair.

Your pump seal may be compromised, and the pump may be leaking, or the filters may be blocked. Both these problems cause reduced pressure, as do airlocks within the pump, or even frozen pipes.

If the opposite problem occurs and the water is under too much pressure, the flow of water from the pump may need to be inhibited. This is best done on the outlet side of the pump by closing the isolator valves. Restricting the flow on the inlet side could cause the pump to run dry and result in the power tripping – solving one problem shouldn’t lead to another problem.

Water Flow Stops

If the flow stops completely, it is likely that there isn’t enough water getting into the pump. This could be due to a problem with the inlet pipe, leaks, or other issues.

Shower pump repair completed by a professional plumber is the most straightforward choice for efficiently fixing these problems.

How long should a shower pump last?

It is difficult to say precisely as the lifespan of a shower pump will be determined by how much it is used, the quality of the water, and whether shower pump repair has been completed when needed.

Shower pumps are usually expected to last, on average, for around eight years. If it is over that age, shower pump repair isn’t always the most viable option – you may want to think about buying a new shower pump.

Of course, shower pumps can last longer than eight years, while others may fail in a shorter time. To prolong the life of your show pump, it is wise to contact an experienced plumber to facilitate shower pump repair at the earliest sign of a problem.

Can you service a shower pump?

Yes, shower pumps can be serviced. This is a more professional way of shower pump repair as it allows all components to be closely inspected and prevents general wear and tear to any parts causing unexpected issues in the future.

As shower pumps can be complicated, it may be difficult for a layperson to troubleshoot shower pump problems. An experienced plumber will provide shower pump repair as well as installation and maintenance services, ensuring that your shower operates at its optimum level.


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Can a shower pump burn out?

Yes, shower pumps can burn out if they haven’t been replaced in a long time or have been subject to shower pump repair that a skilled plumber did not complete.

Another reason for a shower pump burning out is restricted water flow. If the motor continues to run and there is no water flowing through the pump, it can cause the motor to over-work and therefore burn out.

Why has my shower pump burnt out? It could be a blockage, an incorrect setting, or even wear and tear caused by age. This is why it is vital to keep track of the performance of your shower – if the water flow changes or you hear unexpected noises from the pump, it’s time to call in the professionals!

How do you fix an airlock in a shower pump?

An airlock in a shower pump is a blockage caused by an air pocket formed within the water flow.

A shower pump repair expert usually uses air release valves to clear any trapped air and restore full pressure and shower function. This is known as bleeding and is a similar process to bleeding radiators. However, as shower pumps are powered by electricity, a professional should be your first choice for bleeding air from your shower pump.

What To Do When You Need Shower Pump Repair

First of all, ensure that the shower is switched off. Next, contact the experienced team at NRM Plumbing and Heating. We are a family-run business that offers shower pump repair and other plumbing services.

We will discuss your shower pump problem with you, asking for any relevant information to help determine what work needs to be completed and provide a quote for shower pump repair.

You can rest easy knowing that your show pump repair will be completed safely and efficiently.

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