If you are living with a boiler that has become inefficient, has broken down, or is just unsuitable for your needs, you might be considering a boiler replacement. The one thing that may be making you delay your decision is the cost – but a boiler replacement grant is available if you meet specific criteria.

There’s no need to sit in the cold any longer, so let’s take a look at what’s actually involved with boiler replacement grants in Ireland.

When Do You Need a Boiler Replacement?

You might be thinking that boiler replacement grants are only available when you’ve got an old boiler to replace. However, this isn’t the case.

If your boiler is inefficient or cannot meet your needs – perhaps it’s not equipped to heat water if you have a bath or shower – you may need to replace your boiler.

When your boiler has become dangerous to operate or beyond economical repair, you need to replace it. You also need to consider boiler replacement if you are concerned about boiler efficiency and if your boiler has been repaired multiple times previously – this is a strong sign that its efficiency will have been reduced.

If your boiler is more than twelve years old, it may be significantly less efficient than boiler models on the market today. Many of these older boilers were only designed with heating in mind, and they may struggle to effectively provide hot water in bathrooms or dwellings with multiple bathrooms.

In short, if your boiler isn’t up to the job – you probably need to replace it!

A new boiler can help reduce your overall energy costs. It can cost less to heat your home with the added efficiency, and the savings soon mount up. If you move from a standard boiler to a combi boiler replacement, water is heated on demand, further increasing the level of efficiency. You won’t have a cylinder of hot water that doesn’t get used (and is, therefore, a waste of energy), and you won’t run out on days where you need extra – it’s an excellent choice for an active family, especially if each individual has a different daily routine.

What is a Boiler Replacement Grant?

A boiler replacement grant is a scheme that makes it easier for you to afford boiler replacements. However, the grant may not entitle you to the cost of a boiler – it might be provided to enable other necessary upgrades. The criteria needed to qualify for a boiler grant depends on a number of criteria.

There is currently no direct boiler replacement grant available in Ireland. Still, the SEAI funding (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) offers several grants that can help you upgrade the heating system in your home.

That said, the SEAI Free Energy Upgrade grant does offer the option of complete heating system replacement, although this is rare. More commonly, other aspects of your home are addressed to facilitate the retention of heat, such as insulation.


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Who Qualifies for a Boiler Grant?

To qualify for SEAI grants 2021 from SEAI, your home must have been built and occupied before 2006 for insulation grants and smart heating control grants, or before 2011 for renewable systems.

If you wish to apply for the Free Energy Upgrade grant, you must be in receipt of one of the following benefits to apply – The eligibility list includes Fuel Allowance, Job Seekers Allowance, Working Family Payment, One-Parent Family Payment, Domiciliary Care Allowance, and Carers Allowance. Grants for pensioners Ireland – There is also grants for pensioners available.

Other grants, such as the Smart Heating Controls grant, are less restrictive. This means that any homeowner can apply for the new boiler grant if a new boiler is installed along with smart heating controls that allow pre-programming, zone control, etc. The grant is designed to enable homeowners to have greater control over their heating systems.

The amount awarded through this grant can vary depending on the work you have completed. The maximum award is €700, which is a significant amount towards the installation of a new boiler and heating system.

Can Landlords Get Grants for New Boilers?

Landlords are subject to the same criteria as other homeowners, although the requirements may vary slightly between grants. As noted previously, a new boiler grant is not usually available, but grants to help with other costs may be accessible.

Insulation and heating control grants are available, reducing the overall cost of installing a new heating system. The grant scheme for heat pumps and solar technology are also available if you are looking to move to other forms of heating.

Remember that a boiler replacement and other heating upgrades may take several days to complete and could cause some amount of disruption for your tenants. At NRM, we’ll always do what we can to minimize disruption. We take great pride in our work and our level of customer service – but always let your tenant know the situation before the work begins.

How do I apply for a Grant for a Boiler Replacement?

The first step to boiler replacement is to apply for your grant, which you can do by visiting the SEAI website to obtain the application form. The work must be completed by an approved contractor such as NRM Plumbing and Heating.

You don’t have to apply for any grants yourself, as we are happy to help you with the application process. Due to our experience, we can advise on which grants you are eligible for prior to application, helping you plan the changes you wish to make.

We’re ready to discuss boiler replacement grants and the other options available to you – just get in touch today!

Can I Get a Grant for a New Boiler in Ireland?

As you can see, obtaining a boiler replacement grant is certainly possible for both homeowners and landlords. Keep in mind that for all but the “Free Energy Upgrade” grant, you may be required to pay for the work up-front and receive the grant payment only after proving that the work has been completed.

Always discuss your boiler replacement with one of our experienced plumbing professionals before making a decision. or if you just wish to enquire about prices, after searching for “boilers Ireland prices”!

We are always happy to answer boiler replacement grant questions

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