What is the best heating system for a house in Ireland? This question can be answered by taking into account various factors, including your budget, the size of your home, and the types of fuel available.

Some heating systems simply aren’t suitable for certain homes, and the best heating system for you may not be the same one as someone else. Let’s look at some of the factors involved.

What is the most efficient way to heat a house in Ireland?

Depending on your circumstances, several heating systems could be best suited to you. These options include:

Gas central heating system – this is the most common choice due to widely available mains gas connections, reasonable cost, and efficient boilers. It is relatively cheap to run, easy to control, and with a combi boiler, you can have hot water on demand.

Oil central heating system – this is the best heating system for homes that cannot be connected to the gas supply. Boilers that use oil as fuel can provide both heat and hot water. Again, it is relatively inexpensive to run, and oil is an efficient fuel that is available throughout Ireland.

Solid fuel central heating system – this option uses either coal or wood as fuel and is best suited to larger homes. It is relatively cheap to run, but you may have large fuel bills in the winter months – gas or oil may provide a better option.

Electric heating – best for those who have a well-insulated or smaller home as it can be quite expensive to run. In some cases, electric boilers Dublin residents need, are the only option available, such as in a high-rise apartment where it would be uneconomical to use gas or electric – or where there is limited space to install pipes.

Other options include heat pumps, which are set to become more prevalent in the coming years as new homes are built to incorporate them. They are highly efficient but work best with homes that have been well insulated.

What is the most efficient heater type for heating your home?

There is a range of different types of boilers and heaters on the market, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. The best heater for you will depend on your needs for a new gas Boiler Replacement and the size of your home.

However, generally speaking, the efficiency of a heating system is often determined by the fuel type used. Modern condensing gas boilers can be up to 94% efficient, while oil boilers installed by NRM can reach 93%. Non-condensing boilers can be 10% less efficient overall.

Electric boilers can reach 99% efficiency, but the relative cost of electricity offsets this compared to other fuel sources. Solid fuel boilers can achieve 90% efficiency.

Older boilers will degrade over time, and their efficiency will drop year on year. A twenty-year-old boiler may only operate at 60% efficiency and will almost certainly need replacing.

Which heating system is best for a house in Ireland

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What is the cheapest, most efficient way to heat a home?

Efficiency isn’t only down to the boiler. Your whole home has the potential to leak heat, so good insulation is a must. Similarly, heating efficiency is increased with double glazed windows, well-fitting doors, and habits such as closing curtains at night time.

The more you can do to help your home retain heat, the better. This means that less heat will need to be generated to keep your home warm, thereby reducing the amount of energy required to generate the heat. This leads to a reduction in your energy bills, making your heating as cheap as possible.

What is the best type of central heating system?

While some central heating boilers are more efficient than others, the primary concern is the type of fuel you have available. The overall best heating system may not work in your home – there’s no point getting a gas boiler if you aren’t connected to a gas supply!

That said, condensing boilers offer the best option for efficiency and cost. On paper, electric boilers are more efficient but might cost more to install initially and are tied to the price of electricity rather than gas or other fuel sources.

Solid fuel boilers and non-condensing boilers will need more regular maintenance and may cost more to run. It’s best to talk to a heating engineer or local supplier about your options before making a final decision.

What type of heating system do most homes have?

Currently, most homes in Ireland have a gas-fired boiler. This is down to convenience and cost, but this may change in the coming years. As the global dependence on fossil fuels reduces, alternative options will become more common.

Heat pumps are one step on this journey and using solar or wind energy to help with heating is undoubtedly on the agenda. In the meantime, gas-fired boilers will continue to dominate the market, especially as replacements for existing but ageing gas boilers that are currently installed in homes.

Is gas or electric central heating better?

In some cases, you won’t have a choice, and the best heating system will simply be the one that works in your home. If you have the option of choosing either, electric boilers can be more efficient but may cost more to install.

Always check your energy bill to see how much your electricity and gas will cost, as this can be a crucial point to consider when choosing between gas and electric heating. Gas is often more affordable, but this isn’t always the case.

The best heating system will also depend on the size of your home. A small house will naturally heat up and cool down quicker than a larger one, so you don’t need quite as powerful a heating system, which may make an electric central heating system a better option.

Which heating system is best for a house in Ireland?

As you can see, there is no single definitive answer to this question. You need to consider the size of your home, the type of fuel available, and your budget before deciding. Depending on your circumstances, any of the above heating systems could be best for you

If you’re still unsure which heating system is best for you, get in touch with NRM, your local heating specialist, for advice. We will assess your needs and recommend the best system for your home.

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