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  1. How much does it cost to fit a new gas boiler?
  2. Can you buy boilers on finance?
  3. Can you pay monthly for a new boiler?
  4. How often should you replace your gas boiler?
  5. What’s the best gas boiler to buy?

It is important that the gas boiler product in your home is efficient and safe to operate. As boilers age, they slowly become less efficient, and the potential for problems affecting their operation increases. At this stage, the most sensible option is to have your boiler replaced, but the upfront cost may seem relatively high – however, gas boiler replacement monthly payments are a possibility for most people.

How much does it cost to fit a new gas boiler?

You may be wondering how much does a new boiler cost in Ireland, and there is no simple answer. The problem is that different houses need different boilers. In the most straightforward terms, the bigger your house, the more radiators you are likely to have, which means you will need a more powerful boiler.

The choice of boiler is also determined by your usage – homes with only one resident will likely use less hot water than homes with 5 residents. With great experience in this area, we will be able to give you an indication of the price of a boiler based on the information you can provide us with.

In some cases, you may choose to replace pipework and radiators at the same time as installing a new boiler, which will increase the cost. The best way to find out the most appropriate option for your individual situation is to contact us and let us know your requirements.

As a guide, new gas boilers start at around €1947 and can reach €3000+ depending on what you need – as you can see, it is important to choose the right boiler specification for your home to ensure that the gas boiler replacement monthly payments are manageable and that the boiler matches your needs.

Can you buy boilers on finance with Gas Boiler Replacement Monthly Payments?

Yes, you can buy gas boiler finance by choosing to use Flexi-Fi. Flexi-Fi is a finance service that allows you to have a certain amount of finance available to purchase items with. The amount available will be determined by your exact circumstances, such as your income, employment status, etc.

To apply for Flexi-Fi finance, you must be either an Irish citizen or a permanent resident of Ireland, and at least 18 years of age. You will need to supply proof of your address, PPS number, and have an income of at least €21,000 per year.

Once approved, the amount of finance you have available may be more than you need for just a boiler – you are always in control and can spend the available balance as you wish, so if there’s some left over after getting your new boiler, it is up to you what you do with it.

Flexi-Fi is a simple way to buy boilers on finance.

Can you pay monthly for a new boiler?

Not only can you buy boilers on finance, but you can also pay for them monthly too. The cost of your boiler will be handled directly between Flexi-Fi and NRM Plumbing and Heating, so you will be making payments against your finance agreement to Flexi-Fi. Your gas boiler replacement monthly payments will be sent directly to them, and you will simply pay off the balance month by month.

It is a convenient way to manage your money and makes it easy to pay monthly for your new boiler.

How often should you replace your gas boiler?

If you are wondering how many years should a gas boiler last, it can depend on the age of the boiler. It is not unheard of for some older boilers to last multiple decades, but by the time they are replaced, they are highly inefficient.

Efficiency drops for all boilers every year, but the older the boiler, the bigger the drop. While new boilers may only lose 1 or 2% efficiency after 5 years, boilers over 10 years of age can already be only running at 70% efficiency – and due to the technology and materials they are built from, they may have been less efficient than modern boilers to begin with.

If your gas boiler has suffered a major fault, it may be simpler (and cheaper) to replace it rather than to repair it. A good rule of thumb is to check the warranty that came with the boiler. If the boiler is older than the length of the warranty, it is a good sign that it is worth considering a boiler replacement if a problem has occurred. The general maximum life of a modern boiler is up to 15 years – if your boiler is older than that, it is definitely time to replace it.

What’s the best gas boiler to buy on Gas Boiler Replacement Monthly Payments?

As mentioned previously, the best gas boiler to buy needs to be one that is compatible with your lifestyle and the size of your home. The type and physical size/shape of the boiler may also need to be considered. Combi boilers are the most popular choice these days as for the majority of people they are highly convenient and effective, but it may not make sense in your home due to existing pipework and other factors.

Consulting the expert gas boiler replacement team at NRM Plumbing and Heating is the right decision when you need to know what kind of boiler you need for your home.

When the size and type of boiler you need have been established, well-known manufactures such as Ideal, Worcester, and Viessmann boilers are always a good option. The boilers they produce are efficient, reliable, and reasonably priced, giving you value for money as well as savings on your energy bills due to their increased efficiency over your existing boiler.

Choosing to replace your boiler and then making gas boiler replacement monthly payments means that you don’t need to find the full price of the boiler upfront, but can still gain the benefits of a modern replacement boiler. Don’t forget the SEAI offer a number of Home Energy Grants. Read  – How to apply for the SEAI Heating Controls Upgrade Grant

Contact NRM Plumbers Dublin now to find out which boiler is most suitable for your home and how you can take advantage of Flexi-Fi to make gas boiler replacement monthly payments.

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