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Change gas boiler – If your gas boiler is over 15 years old, I’d urge you to seriously consider an upgrade before 2024 is upon us. I know, I know – if it ain’t broke, why fix it? Well, the reality is that older boilers become increasingly unreliable. Parts wearing out, damaging corrosion, declining efficiency – issues creep up over time. Then suddenly you’re facing emergency failures on cold winter nights. Talk about an inconvenience and stressful!

As your friendly local heating technicians, our experts at NRM Plumbing Heating and Gas Boiler Replacement recommend being proactive. Why not upgrade to a shiny new system on your terms – avoiding the headaches of reactive repairs down the road? And here’s the bonus – embracing smart tech boilers now with apps and smart controls keeps running costs way down! It’s a win-win in my book.

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Change Gas Boiler – Signs Your Aging Boiler Needs Upgrading

Trouble typically rears its ugly head gradually before catastrophically failing. But there are a few red flags to know:

Is your energy bill constantly going up while using the same – or less – heat? That shrinking efficiency means you’re paying more for less warmth!

How about funky sounds from clanging pipes or rumbling burners that won’t quit? Noise usually = something not running smoothly internally.

Catching the rotten egg scent of gas leaks? Or sooty buildup around vents signalling combustion issues? These definitely spell trouble on the horizon!

The point is this: outdated technology inevitably falters. I want to help you avoid the pitfalls of procrastination. Let’s pivot towards smart, sustainable systems that keep you reliably warm for years instead of buying time before the next breakdown!

Heat Pump vs Gas Boiler Cost-Benefit Analysis

Heat pumps are still a new concept to many. (More info on – Heat Pumps Ireland) But essentially we’re talking about hyper-efficient electric systems that extract existing warmth in outdoor air or ground to heat your home and water. (More info on – Electric Boiler Installation) We won’t sugarcoat it – installing heat pump systems costs more upfront. (More info on – Heat Pump Installers Ireland) But energy savings typically recoup 60-70% of that initial investment over 5-7 years (this is only a guide, savings for your specific home may vary due to many factors.) And heat pump costs keep plunging yearly as adoption spreads!

For a 1400 sq ft home, an entry-level air-source model may cost you €8-12k fully installed. Equivalent gas boiler systems land around €2600-4k. (More info on – What are the different types of gas boilers?) So that’s €5400-8k more installed. But your annual energy costs could easily drop from say €1200 on gas to €600 on cheaper off-peak electric rates. That saves you €600 every year from year 1 onwards! Now, heat pumps perform optimally in well-insulated homes with radiators tailored for lower-temperature operation. Retrofits like insulation upgrades may add costs but also boost savings. (More info on – How Do Heat Pumps Work ?)


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Change Gas Boiler – Grants and Incentives Available

Change gas boiler – The good news is there’s never been more financial support to incentivize households to ditch gas boilers. For heat pumps, the SEAI grant currently provides €6500k for equipment plus installer labour costs. (More info on – Heat Pump Installers You Can Trust ) Home Energy grants offer up to €2,400 for attic insulation, lighting, solar pv panels and more. (More info on – Gas Boiler Finance)

The Better Energy Homes scheme delivers customized upgrade packages with grants and access to low-interest project loans. (More info on – Boiler Replacement Grant) As Ireland progresses with climate action policies, we expect more appealing renewable transition incentives for homeowners annually. Heat pumps make sense for you AND the environment!

Specialist Installer Selection

It’s important to highlight – your installer selection is just as important as your shiny new boiler choice! Here’s what to look for:

First, verify required certifications like RGII registrations. Present credentials should be standard. No excuses!

Equally crucial is evaluating hands-on expertise. You need technicians with 10, 20 years of specialty gas boiler replacement experience under the belt. Check client testimonials backing up quality.

Be very wary if an installer dodges answering questions or furnishing documentation. Transparency builds trust and confidence pre-project!

Vet potential partners thoroughly before any commitments are made. Then cultivate rapport once you find the right fit. This is a relationship for the long haul!

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Change Gas Boiler – Step-By-Step Installation Process

Once you’re set with a certified, trusted installer like the experts at NRM, we’ll meticulously execute the new boiler replacement process:

First, safely removing your antiquated system takes precision. Draining, uncoupling and extracting components delicately prevents unnecessary damage.

With the slate cleared, We expertly fit your state-of-the-art new boiler, aligning it to the optimal venting configuration and heat/hot water output capacity requirements calculated for your home’s specific layout and demand.

Modifying pipework comes next – integrating to existing radiators or adding new tech. Pressure testing ensures water flows crisply with no leaks or blockage.

If desired, we can incorporate smart controls too – such as wifi-enabled thermostats, TRVs for zonal precision. This maximizes comfort and savings!

Finally, as part of the commissioning process, your technician will run the boiler through multiple complete ignition sequences, carefully monitoring burner startup, shutdown, and overall combustion efficiency. This extensive testing protocol confirms that all components sync properly through heating and water heating cycles to provide safe, reliable, and peak thermal performance. Your installer will then make nuanced burner airflow and fuel mixture tweaks, using specialized flue gas analysis tools, to fine tune the air-fuel ratio for clean, green-efficient gas combustion.

Top Gas Boiler Models on the Market

Once the new system is humming, annual servicing ensures it stays that way for 10-15+ years. Maintenance checks prevent avoidable issues from popping up. Monitoring boiler efficiency performance over time gives you transparency whether routine adjustments or parts replacement is needed. Take full advantage of the smart features you invested in too! Use app integration to customise heating schedules maximising comfort and savings year-round.

And lastly, keep an eye each season on heating bills compared to previous years. Quantifying those efficiency gains first-hand feels great and reinforces boiler upgrade decisions!

Best Gas Boiler Models on the Market

With so many boiler options out there, it helps to understand key features and specifications of leading models like the Ideal Logic, Worcester Bosch Lifestyle, and Viessmann Vitodens lines that I frequently install for local households.

Ideal Logic

The Ideal Logic range ticks all the right boxes – ultra-quiet operation, robust design, and premium components. These boilers are one of the rare few certified with the Quiet Mark accreditation thanks to industry-leading noise reduction.

Over years of flawless performance, Ideal Logic has also achieved coveted Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended Status. Plus – selected models come with an extended 12-year manufacturer’s warranty from a trusted UK boiler brand.

The Logic series packs intelligent heating solutions into compact, cupboard-friendly footprints. System models range from 15-30 kW outputs perfect for smaller homes, while combi units scale up to 26-32 kW for greater demand. Built-in LCD touchscreens also make controlling warmth and hot water a breeze.

Standout features across various Ideal Logic models include:

  • Low lift weights for easy manoeuvring on installation
  • Multi-function buttons for intuitive heating controls
  • Quality brass system filters protect components
  • Parts and labour warranties provide peace of mind
  • Sleek backlit displays monitor system status

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Lifestyle

The award-winning Worcester Bosch Greenstar boiler series offers homeowners proven, reliable engineering for energy-efficient heating and hot water year after year. The innovative Lifestyle range builds upon this track record of excellence with next-generation enhancements.

Lifestyle boilers introduce extremely quiet operation, a sleek modern aesthetic, and smart WiFi connectivity for effortless heating management. Of course, with a legacy of quality manufacturing, the Bosch name still guarantees robust design and longevity as well. (More info on – Worcester Bosch Boiler Installers)

Key highlights of these elegant hot water heating systems include:

  • Comprehensive up to 12 year manufacturer’s warranties
  • Seamless compatibility with Bosch EasyControl smart thermostats
  • Dynamic backlit touchscreen interfaces
  • Higher flow rates catering to multi-bathroom households
  • Components skillfully engineered for hushed, unobtrusive operation

Viessmann Vitodens

The German-engineered Vitodens range from Viessmann has earned a sterling reputation as one of Europe’s top high-efficiency boiler solutions. These sleek powerhouses deliver substantial energy savings compared to outdated models. Available in both combi and system configurations, Vitodens condensing boilers achieve up to 98% efficiency by extracting additional heat from exhaust vapours. This helps slash gas usage and heating bills over time.

Viessmann stands behind these systems with best-in-class 10-year comprehensive warranties. Plus Vitodens takes innovation a step ahead with LCD touchscreens, mobile monitoring and even readiness for hydrogen and other next-gen green fuel conversion. (More info on – Why Choose a Viessmann Combi Boiler)

Some prominent Vitodens 100 features:

  • Class A energy rating for top efficiency
  • 89.5% gas-to-water heat conversion ratio
  • Modern backlit digital interface
  • Weather-responsive boiler control options
  • 10 year manufacturer product guarantee

Viessmann Combi Boiler


Lower Energy Bills with a New Gas Boiler

As gas boilers age beyond 10-15 years, declining efficiency escalates your home’s heating expenses each winter. Old boilers may now operate at 60-70% efficiency compared to 90% or more when newly installed. This means up to 40% of your gas usage and heating bills now pay for wasted heat dissipating into thin air without ever providing usable warmth! Why line energy company profits while your family still feels chilly?

Change gas boiler – the solution is obvious! – upgrading your inefficient Dublin gas boiler and restoring efficiency slashes those losses dramatically. Equivalent models today achieve 50-60% better performance. Pair that with WiFi-connected smart temperature controls, and savings jump higher still from precision heating aligned exactly when and where you need it.

What Efficiency Rating to Expect

Modern top tier gas boiler replacements range from 92-95% annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) converting gas to usable heat. Budget-friendly models still reach 89-91% range. That handily bests the 68-72% performance degrading older boilers may now limp along at after 15+ years of faithful service. If your current system predates 2008, an upgrade makes sense.

Of course sourcing registered professional Dublin gas boiler installers matters hugely. An optimal fuel-air mixture aligned across ignition sequences optimizes the AFUE rating in practice to squeeze maximum mileage from your gas volume year after year. DIY mistakes drain potential savings.

Cost Savings in Action

Crunching numbers sharpen the upgrade rationale further. Say your 2003 system rated originally at 85% AFUE now runs at 70% after years of wear at 70,000 BTUs output. Switching to a new 90% efficient combi boiler still supplying your home’s 70,000 BTUs needs would require 30% less gas usage to satisfy identical heating and hot water demand!

At recent Irish average gas prices, that easily saves over €320 annually for the average Dublin home. With installation costs from €2,600, your investment fully pays for itself well within a decade from efficiency gains alone – not accounting for eliminated repair bills or incentives! And your cosier home still keeps saving you cold hard cash for another 10-15 years thanks to modern boiler lifespans. (Figures are for illustration purposes only)

Time to Change Gas Boilers?

If your veteran boiler is nudging 20 years old, the numbers simply make sense to upgrade before outright failure. Act now before emergency breakdowns hit at the worst times. And remember, changing gas boilers ahead of 2024 locks in equipment costs before rising inflation! Get ahead of the curve and cushion your household against unpredictable energy market swings. Contact us today for custom quotes from certified gas boiler installers Dublin relies upon!

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