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When it comes time to replace your old, inefficient boiler, upgrading to an energy-efficient combi boiler from Viessmann is an excellent option for Irish homes. Viessmann is known across Europe for their high-quality, cutting-edge heating systems that maximise efficiency. Their combi boilers in particular offer hassle-free operation and significant energy savings. (More info on – (What are the different types of gas boilers?))

We’ll explore the benefits of Viessmann combi boilers, with a focus on how their innovative technology offers outstanding efficiency. We’ll look at how Viessmann combis can help reduce your energy usage and carbon footprint. Whether you’re interested in the popular Vitodens model or another Viessmann combi boiler, read on to learn why these systems are a top choice for residential heating and hot water in Ireland. (More info on – (Why choose a Viessmann Boiler?))

Contact NRM Viessmann Installers DublinWhat is a Combi Boiler?

For those unfamiliar, a combi boiler provides both your home heating and hot water in a single, compact unit. Combis utilise the latest in condensing technology to achieve high-efficiency levels.

Unlike old-fashioned conventional boilers with separate hot water cylinders, a combi boiler heats water directly from the mains as needed, so there’s no need to store hot water. This on-demand design means combis take up much less space in your home. (More info on – (Hot Water Cylinder Replacement))

Other benefits of combi boilers:

– Convenience – hot water readily available whenever needed
– Lower energy bills – no standing heat losses from storage tanks
– Cost savings – only paying to heat water you actually use
– Installation savings – no need for separate hot water storage cylinder (More info on – (Hot Water Cylinder Price Ireland))

For these reasons, combi boilers have surged in popularity in Ireland, especially in smaller homes. Their compact size and energy-savvy operation make them an ideal choice. (More info on – (Best Gas Boilers Ireland))

Introducing Viessmann

Founded in Germany over 100 years ago, Viessmann has grown into one of the leading manufacturers of advanced heating systems in Europe. The company’s reputation for superior engineering and efficiency is well earned – their products set the standard for quality across the industry.

Viessmann offers an extensive range of residential and commercial boiler systems. They continually push the envelope when it comes to energy-saving innovations and environmental responsibility. The result is some of the most efficient and economical boilers you can find.

Viessmann condensing combi boiler models utilise pioneering burner technology and unique stainless steel heat exchangers to convert up to 98% of fuel to usable heat. This helps minimise waste while lowering your energy bills. It’s engineering like this that makes Viessmann a market leader.


Viessmann Combi Boilers for Ireland

Viessmann combi boilers are an ideal solution for residential heating and hot water in Ireland. Their compact dimensions allow flexible installation even in tight spaces, while the economical gas consumption reduces your energy costs.

Popular Viessmann combi models available in Ireland include:

Vitodens 100-W – A wall mounted, budget friendly option from 6kW to 35kW output. Delivers instant hot water and warmth for apartments or smaller homes.

Vitodens 111-W – Sleek, high-performance model ranging from 1.9 kW to 35 kW output. Perfect for new builds or boiler swaps with easy side connections.

Vitodens 222-F – A high output floor-standing combi, rated from 30 kW up to 150 kW – ideal for larger homes.

Viessmann builds these combi boiler models to suit Ireland’s heating needs and climate. They comply with all Irish regulations and are constructed from long-lasting components for a lengthy service life.

Maximum Energy Efficiency

Where Viessmann combis really stand out is their exceptional energy efficiency. By choosing a Viessmann, you can slash your gas usage and carbon footprint.

For example, the popular Vitodens 111-W model boasts:

– A rating up to A++ energy efficiency – converting over 98% of fuel to heat (More info on – (Boiler Replacement Dublin))
– Lowest energy consumption in its class
– Reduced heating costs by as much as 35% over a less efficient boiler

This high efficiency stems from advanced features including:

– Next-generation low-NOx MatriX cylinder burner
– Inox-Radial heat exchanger made of stainless steel
– Lambda Pro combustion control system
-Optional solar thermal integration

Investing in a Viessmann combi like the Vitodens can cut your gas usage dramatically compared to outdated boilers. This keeps more money in your wallet while reducing environmental impact. Their greener operation assists in meeting Ireland’s climate goals. (More info on – (Gas Boiler Replacement Lucan))

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Built to Last

In addition to efficiency, Viessmann combi boilers are designed and built to provide decades of reliable service. Constructed in Germany, quality and longevity are top priorities. (More info on – (Gas Boiler Service Dublin))

Key indicators of their longevity include:

– Premium industrial components selected for durability
– Inox-Crossal heat exchangers warranted for 10 years
– Low maintenance and easy cleaning requirements
– Service schedules measured in years rather than months
– Extended warranties of up to 10 years are available

By choosing a Viessmann combi boiler, you’re investing in a system made to perform consistently and efficiently year after year without unexpected breakdowns or repairs. This provides excellent long-term value.


Intuitive Controls & Monitoring

Viessmann also makes their combis easy and intuitive to operate. Their advanced control systems allow monitoring key operating data like efficiency, pressure, and temperature for proactive maintenance.

With optional WiFi modules, you can even adjust settings and view boiler status remotely via smartphone. Helpful user interfaces like the large Vitodens 100-W display keep you informed about performance.

Controls like the Vitotrol app allow you to set custom heating schedules that automatically match usage to times when you actually need heat and hot water. This prevents energy waste and reduces consumption.

The user-friendly operation, monitoring, and control features add convenience while assisting homeowners in maximizing savings. Viessmann’s technology works for you, not the other way around.

Time to Upgrade?

If your old boiler is inefficient, due for replacement, or you’re looking for a greener heating system, a Viessmann combi boiler makes an excellent choice. You’ll benefit from:

– Compact dimensions perfect for Irish homes
– Reduced heating and water heating bills
– High efficiency and lower emissions
– Next-generation burner technology
– Intuitive controls and monitoring
– Reliable long-lasting construction

Viessmann has built a reputation across Europe for quality engineering and efficiency. Their combi boilers put all of that knowledge and expertise to work for you.

To determine which Viessmann combi boiler suits your needs, talk to the experts at NRM Plumbing & Heating. As certified Viessmann installers, we have extensive experience with these systems. We can advise the perfect model, handle the full installation, and assist with any warranty or maintenance needs.

Invest in a greener, more economical heating system by choosing Viessmann. Contact our team today to learn more!

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Frequently Asked Questions about Viessmann Combi Boilers

Q: What is a combi boiler?

A: Combi boilers provide hot water heating and domestic hot water in a single compact unit without requiring a storage cylinder like conventional boilers.

Q: What are the benefits of Viessmann combi boilers?

A: Viessmann combis offer high efficiency of up to 98%, compact size, low emissions, advanced controls, reliability and savings of up to 35% on energy bills.

Q: What Viessmann combi models are available in Ireland?

A: Popular models like the Vitodens 100-W, Vitodens 111-W and Vitodens 222-F are available from 6kW to 150kW output.

Q: Why are Viessmann combis so energy efficient?

A: Innovative features like stainless steel heat exchangers, MatriX burners and Lambda Pro combustion controls maximise heat conversion while minimizing waste.

Q: How can I control and monitor a Viessmann combi?

A: User-friendly interfaces and optional WiFi modules allow remote monitoring, control via smartphone, custom scheduling and more.

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