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Gas Boiler Installation – Installing a new gas boiler is a major endeavour for Irish households seeking to upgrade their heating and hot water systems. However, many common mistakes can be made during the installation process if proper planning and care are not taken. From choosing the wrong boiler to ignoring regulations, these errors result in inefficient, problematic boilers that fail to meet a home’s needs. At NRM Plumbing Dubin, Heating and Gas Boiler Replacement, we are committed to guiding Irish homeowners through the installation process properly to ensure your new gas boiler is perfectly suited, professionally fitted, and legally compliant, and provides cosy heat and hot water for years to come. (More info on – New Gas Boiler Replacement)

We’ll highlight the most common gas boiler installation mistakes seen in Ireland and offer tips on avoiding them. (More info on – Gas Boiler Repair) We’ll cover critical considerations like boiler selection, safety procedures, building regulations, hiring certified professionals, and the importance of maintenance. Whether you’re installing a new combination boiler, upgrading from an old conventional boiler, or retrofitting a high-efficiency condensing boiler, this advice will help avoid pitfalls. Let’s get started!

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Choosing the Wrong Boiler Model or Size

One major error often seen in Ireland is homeowners selecting the incorrect gas boiler size or model for their particular home. (More info on – Viessmann Installers Dublin) Opting for a mismatched boiler leads to ongoing issues meeting your household’s demands for heating and hot water. Here’s how to get the sizing and selection right:

First, carefully assess your needs in terms of house size, number of radiators, bathrooms, typical hot water usage and other factors. Our expert team can provide FREE detailed quotes and recommend the optimal boiler after surveying your home.

Avoid assuming your old boiler’s size or type is still suitable. Upgrades in insulation, renovations or leaky old boilers can change your requirements. Don’t just replace like-for-like without considering this. (More info on – What Size Boiler Is Best For My House?)

Be wary of oversized boilers – they cycle on and off frequently, wasting energy. Undersized models run constantly at maximum, yet still fail to keep pace with heat and hot water needs.

Ensure you choose the right boiler type for your particular hydronic system. Combi boilers suit smaller homes, while system boilers pair well with properties having zoning. Our experts will advise the ideal boiler.

Work with qualified professionals like NRM to determine the correctly sized and purposed boiler. This prevents years of headaches struggling to stay warm and get hot water!

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Gas Boiler Installation Mistake – Using Uncertified Installers

Given gas boiler installation involves serious, potentially deadly work, it is crucial to use a certified professional engineer. Attempting DIY or using amateurs risks dangerous problems down the line.

Always verify installers are fully insured and are as RGII-approved installers here in Ireland before hiring. An RGI is an installer who has at least a GID qualification or equivalent in gas safety and is properly qualified for all gas installations.

Check reviews and references as well – choose an engineer with extensive boiler installation experience specifically. Recently certified plumbers may lack the necessary skills and knowledge.

Beware any installer unwilling to furnish safety certification and have references for their previous inspection. Certified heating engineers will handle all regulations with ease and ensure all safety regulations are adhered to, to ensure high-quality, safe installation work

Our fully qualified heating engineers have installed countless boilers across Ireland. Never cut corners on certification – it’s simply not worth the huge risks involved.

Overlooking Critical Safety Checks

While installation demands expertise, safety factors remain crucial after the boiler is fitted as well. Two inspections should never be skipped:

Before installation, your engineer must inspect for pre-existing problems like gas leaks, corrosion, cracks, etc., which can make installation hazardous if unaddressed.

Post-installation, a thorough examination must be carried out checking all fittings, flues, leaks, combustion, circulation and controls. NRM performs extensive safety checks as part of our boiler installation process.

Don’t sign off until these safety inspections occur. The risks of CO poisoning, fires and explosions make cutting corners here extremely dangerous. If issues are found, have the installer make the needed corrections immediately. Safety first!

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Ignoring Building Regulations

All regional building codes and standards apply to gas boiler installations in Ireland. Permits and inspections ensure compliance. Building regulations cover boiler location, flueing, gas pipe specs, clearances, pressures and much more. (More info on – Best Gas Boilers Ireland)

Avoid any installer unwilling to get permits or avoid inspections. This likely indicates they are unable to follow regulations properly. Likewise, new boilers must meet all efficiency requirements. Attempting to cut corners or dodge compliance puts you in violation – costing time and money. Insist all regulations are followed completely. This keeps your installation legal, insured and safe.

Don’t take chances here!

Neglecting Proper Servicing

Finally, don’t forget essential annual servicing to keep your boiler running safely and efficiently. Service visits from RGII-approved heating engineers like NRM Plumbing Heating and Gas Boiler Replacement, include inspection, adjustments, testing, leak checks and more. This prevents problems before they cause breakdowns. Lack of service shortens boiler lifespans and leads to inefficiency, breakdowns and even dangerous issues over time. Don’t skip your yearly servicing. (More info on – Gas Boiler Service Dublin)

Schedule servicing before each heating season starts for optimal timing. Catch any problems with ample time for repair before you rely on your boiler daily again. Take care of your boiler investment for the long run – proper servicing prevents issues and keeps your family warm!

Avoiding common gas boiler installation mistakes comes down to choosing the right boiler, hiring certified professionals, following safety procedures and codes of practice, and investing in ongoing maintenance. Work with reputable Irish companies like NRM Plumbing Heating and Gas Boiler Replacement and you can be confident your new gas boiler will provide comfort and hot water for many years. Contact us today for more tips and advice! (More info on – Gas Boiler Replacement Knocklyon)

Frequently Asked Questions on Gas Boiler Installation

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Q: What size gas boiler do I need?

A: Carefully assess your household’s heating and hot water requirements based on home size, number of radiators, bathrooms, and typical usage. This analysis determines what boiler size and type (combi, system) is optimal. Avoid just replacing your old boiler without a proper sizing evaluation.

Q: How to find the best gas boiler installer?

A: Always verify installers are certified as registered gas installers (RGI) for safety. Check reviews and references to confirm extensive experience with gas boiler installations specifically. Beware any installer unwilling to furnish certs or have their work inspected. True professionals will follow regulations.

Q: What are the key installation safety checks?

A: Pre-install checks identify any pre-existing system issues like leaks or corrosion. Post-install checks verify all components fitted correctly, no gas leaks or CO risks exist, and the boiler functions properly before sign-off. Certified installers will perform rigorous safety inspections.

Q: Should I service a newly installed gas boiler?

A: Yes, annual servicing by a certified gas engineer keeps new boilers running efficiently and safely. Routine service checks identify issues early, preventing breakdowns or hazardous problems. Proper maintenance is crucial for longevity and performance.

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