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New Gas Boiler – This comprehensive guide covers crucial considerations when installing a new efficient gas boiler in your Dublin home. We will thoroughly examine the top reasons upgrading from an outdated boiler is worthwhile, how to selectively choose the optimal modern replacement model for your household, necessary steps for vetting certified installers, precise details on what work the installation process itself entails, realistic estimated costs with variances factored in, required adherence to building codes plus heating regulations, and finally aftercare recommendations for maintaining your new system in peak condition for decades of cosy winters ahead. Whether issues with your existing boiler ‐ such as ignition failures or leaks ‐ have prompted the need for replacement, or you simply want to gain efficiency from next-generation smart controls, follow along for invaluable tips to ensure your project proceeds smoothly from start to finish.

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Reasons to Upgrade Your Gas Boiler

Prolonged use inevitably causes boiler efficiency to decline over years of operation, resulting in higher energy usage and heating bills to keep homes warm. Early warning signs signalling a boiler nearing the end of its functional lifespan include ignition failures requiring manual reigniting of pilot light, temperature fluctuations from taps or radiators, rattling or noisy operation indicating worn components, leaky valves, loose fittings and water joints necessitating increasingly frequent repairs or topping up system pressure. Replacing properly serviced yet outdated boilers older than 10‐15 years with new electronically controlled condensing combination combi models can reclaim lost efficiency to the tune of over 60‐70%. Upgrading also crucially enables seamlessly integrating modern smart thermostats, wireless remote controls and precision-zoned heating features simply impossible on elderly appliances lacking sophisticated plug-and-play circuitry.

Choosing the Right New Gas Boiler

When selecting a new gas boiler replacement in Dublin, firstly consider the necessary heating capacity in kilowatts and hot water flow rate in litres/minute based on home size, number of radiators and peak usage demands across taps and fixtures. Carefully measure the available physical space for the new gas boiler dimensions. Decide between a compact integrated combi boiler for smaller setups or a system boiler paired with a hot water cylinder for larger configurations. (More info on Hot Water Cylinder Replacement) Compare market-leading new gas boiler models from the likes of Viessmann, (More info on Viessmann Installers Dublin) Worcester Bosch and Ideal that offer over 90% efficiency ratings and 10-12 year extended warranties. Get quotes from certified professional heating engineers to install, test and commission your chosen new gas boiler model using their recommended suppliers and parts. Rest assured investing in an “A-rated” future-proof heating system significantly reduces environmental impact and utility bills for the foreseeable future.

Hiring a Certified Installer

Attempting risky improvised DIY experiments with boiler repair/replacement or any gas service work without recognised qualifications risks voiding homeowner insurance and potentially disastrous hazardous consequences for occupants. Therefore always thoroughly vet potential installers on reputation, and verify they hold active registration status on the RGII official national database listing all certified Registered Gas Installers alongside supporting photo ID cards, qualifications, completed formal training/testing regimes and compliance certificates. Closely examine their previous customer feedback on Google and other review sources to ascertain satisfactory track records. Request and authenticate documents detailing current adequate Public Liability insurance certificate to guard against accidental property damage. Ultimately for fully compliant safe installation, certified reputable RGI registered professionals must carry out the work when installing a new Gas boiler ‐ so never cut corners or attempt improvising your own amateur gas solutions risking lives and homes. (More info on Oil Boiler Installers)

Installation Work Details

Replacing an old boiler starts with the professional dismantling of the existing heating system. This involves:

Safely Removing the Old Boiler

  • Draining leftover water from radiator piping and gas lines into storage tanks, filtered for reuse where possible
  • Decoupling all pipe and flue connections at joints to detach the boiler for removal

Preparing for the New Boiler

  • Determining optimal exhaust venting for the high-efficiency condenser boiler before installing – roof vents or side wall terminals
  • Mounting the wall-hung boiler on anti-vibration brackets in the proper location

Connecting the New Boiler

  • Reconnecting internal pipework to radiators and hot water taps using quick-fit adapters where needed
  • Checking pipe gradients allows proper air bleeding
  • Pressure testing pipes at a minimum of 1.5 bar to check for leaks

Cleaning the System

  • Chemically flushing the full system using specialist equipment
  • Removing years of accumulated debris and limescale before circulating water through the new boiler

The controlled dismantling of old infrastructure and thorough cleansing before integrating modern boiler technology ensures safe, efficient operation for years.


Costs and Timelines

After getting quotes for all equipment, parts, and professional installation labour, expect to invest €2,500-€4,500 to fully replace your old boiler with a new efficient gas combi boiler like the Viessmann Vitodens or similar.

The complete installation process typically spans 1-3 days depending on the complexity of your current setup:

  • Day 1: Initial site survey and detailed consultations to determine correct boiler sizing and specifications
  • Day 2: Removal of old boiler, modifications to space for new boiler, installation of replacement model
  • Day 3: Connecting gas/water pipework, configuring controls, and commissioning with multiple safety checks and tests

While managing without heat for days may be temporarily uncomfortable, the enhanced safety, efficiency and reliability gains make it very worthwhile long-term for your home and family.

Aftercare Recommendations

Once installation is complete, your technician will:

  • Conduct combustion testing using flue gas analyzers to optimize the burner for efficiency
  • Bleed radiators and verify boiler/system pressure read in safe zones
  • Run a full ignition cycle to ensure controls/thermostats synchronize properly
  • Add inhibitor chemicals to replace water to prevent scale/corrosion
  • Recommend enrolling in the manufacturer’s annual servicing plan, which includes:
    • Boiler inspection and combustion analysis
    • Replacing gaskets/seals
    • Updating firmware/software
    • Keeping your system maintained for longevity

Annual servicing and tune-ups will help keep your new gas boiler running smoothly for decades. The technicians check and fine-tune the boiler to maximize efficiency and output year after year.

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Choosing Reputable Dublin Boiler Installers Near Me

Having reliably served homeowners in Dublin for over 25 years, NRM Plumbing Heating and Gas Boiler Replacement offers tailored quotes for installing new replacement boilers across the region. Our licensed engineers hold industry-recognized RGII registration certifying up-to-date gas safety competency. We take pride in upholding the highest quality workmanship standards and sterling customer satisfaction ratings.

Both residential and commercial clients entrust us to deliver efficient, strategically tailored solutions even for the most technically complex jobs.

By carefully planning essential details like appropriate boiler sizing, and realistic timeframes, and incorporating heating expert counsel, your boiler upgrade in Dublin provides your family with an efficient heating system for many many years. (More info on Oil Boiler Installers Near Me)

Contact NRM Boiler Replacement when ready to execute this intricate balancing act reliably the first time for safe and cosy heating years ahead. Our motto: “Do it right the first time!”

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