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Worcester Bosch Boilers Comparison – Amongst the wide range available, Worcester Bosch boilers stand out as a tried and tested gas boiler brand suiting modern Irish households who are looking for consistent and efficient home heating paired with steady hot water flow rates. Their Greenstar combi and system gas boiler ranges, in particular, combine impressive features that enhance everything from energy savings to convenient compatibility with today’s digitally connected smart thermostats.

But with such a wide choice of Greenstar combi and system boiler capabilities available, deciding which Worcester Bosch model makes for the best investment to cover your household’s heating needs can prove daunting. In this blog post, we break down exactly how to select the perfect new or replacement combi or system boiler from Worcester Bosch using side-by-side comparisons of their leading recommended options.

Worcester Bosch Boilers Comparison – Understanding the Worcester Bosch Boiler Range

Worcester Bosch provides homeowners wall-mounted gas boilers including standard efficiency heat-only units, high-performing 25-40kW system boilers, and their innovative combi series situated in the industry’s top efficiency tiers, minimising wasted energy and unnecessary gas usage, making their combis a great new boiler choice (More info on – New Gas Boiler Replacement Dublin). They also manufacture a smaller range of oil-fired boiler solutions if your property is not connected to the gas network.

Their broad range aims at providing a Worcester Bosch boiler suitable for any size home be it a 1-2 bed flat or 5 bedroom detached house by accounting for factors like:

• Domestic hot water flow rates
• Home square footage which determines heat output requirements
• Number of bathrooms


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In terms of the core categories from new Worcester Bosch combi boiler installations through to replacements of existing gas boilers, the critical boiler types available across their lineup consist of:

Combi Boilers

Combi, or combination, gas boilers provide rapid heating while delivering hot water on demand removing the need for water tanks or cylinders. Installing a Worcester Bosch combination boiler offers homeowners ultimate space-saving convenience alongside lowered energy bills compared with outdated regular boiler and tank configurations (More info on – Certified Worcester Bosch Installers Near Me).

System Boilers

Pairing boilers with a hot water storage cylinder, system boilers suit homes with increased simultaneous heating and hot water profiles like properties with multiple bathrooms (More info on – Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Hot Water Cylinder). Choosing system boilers allows for cost-effective boiler installation as the cylinder stores heated water separately from the boiler unit itself.

Regular/Conventional Boilers

Incorporating separated cylinders for domestic hot water storage within increased free space, regular boilers may suit homes unable to accommodate full central heating where radiators don’t exist across all rooms. However, regular boilers prevent adjustable room-by-room comfort.

Choosing Between Gas and Oil Boilers

Where mainline gas supplies your area, Worcester Bosch’s Greenstar gas condensing combi and system boilers present best for efficiency with the capability to recover latent heat lost through vapour condensation after the initial burn (More info on – What are the different types of gas boilers?). This enables gas boiler efficiency to climb towards an exceptional 95% (More info on – Gas Boiler Service Dublin).

For rural regions, Worcester Bosch’s 39CDi and 30CDi ranges of fully integrated oil-fired boilers achieve 91% efficiency also utilising stainless steel heat exchangers able to condense water vapour for cleaner combustion and increased efficiency. Ultimately fuel type depends on your location’s availability of gas or oil resources.

Worcester Bosch Boilers Comparison – How Worcester Bosch Became Boiler Royalty Across Irish Homes

With over 50 years of heating experience since first pioneering the combi boiler design, Worcester Bosch has cemented status as the nation’s most trusted boiler brand evidenced through their current status as Specify hot water cylinder recommendation for over 8 in 10 installers (More info on – What is a Combi Boiler).

Core reasons heating engineers, architects and homeowners prefer Worcester Bosch for their latest new boiler installed include:

• Ongoing engineering innovations improving efficiency and reliability
• Extensive 5-10-year parts and labour warranties provide peace of mind
• Research-backed manufacturing quality assurance delivers extended operational lifespans with minimised servicing requirements

Their use of premium components ensures Worcester Bosch gas boilers stand ready to provide decades of efficient warmth for households across the country (Gas Boiler Replacement Lucan). Next we’ll explore tips for finding the perfect new Greenstar combi or system boiler from Worcester Bosch to cover your individual home heating needs.

Worcester Bosch Boilers Comparison – Choosing the Right Boiler Model and System for Your Home

The easiest route towards choosing a correctly sized and configured gas boiler from Worcester Bosch’s Greenstar line-up is to find and contact a Worcester-accredited installer in your area to book a home visit. RGI heating experts, such as NRM Plumbing Heating and Gas Boiler Replacement bring extensive experience in sizing and quoting new boiler installations for all home types. NRM will take into account critical considerations within the boiler choice process:

Accurately Size Boiler Heating & Hot Water Output

Certified installers correctly assess the heating and hot water requirements a new system boiler or replacement combi boiler must fulfil by calculating your dwelling’s dimensions including heat loss through walls, ceilings and windows paired with flow rates across radiators and taps to determine the optimal boiler heating output in kilowatts. Whether you require a 25kW or 30kW or higher output Worcester Bosch Greenstar combi depends significantly on these variables. Installed heating systems must sufficiently cover heat loads without being egregiously oversized leading to unnecessary expenditure and operation costs.

Household Occupancy

The number of residents and simultaneous hot water draws determine what boiler heating output makes financial sense. For instance, large families justify increased hot water capabilities that a new Worcester Bosch Greenstar 32CDi combi boiler caters well to with flow rates up to 16.4 litres per minute.

Account for Home Layout

Open-plan homes demand increased boiler output to heat and circulate warmth throughout larger connected spaces efficiently. Radiator placement also plays a role in shaping heating requirements a replacement boiler must fulfil (More info on – New Gas Boiler Replacement Tallaght). New builds incorporate clever manifold radiator configurations allowing room-specific climate adjustments.

Ultimately the Worcester Bosch find a new boiler tool helps buyers conveniently identify automatically recommended Greenstar gas boiler models suiting everything from small 1-bathroom flats to larger detached houses after inputting a few details about your dwelling size and heat emitter types (More info on – Worcester Bosch Boilers – Accredited Installers Dublin). Results also provide local accredited installers to handle your perfect boiler for home installation without hassle.


Assessing the Costs & Potential Savings from New Worcester Bosch Gas Boilers

Weighing up the investment into a new Worcester Bosch boiler installation requires proper analysis around long-term operating savings achieved moving from outdated 60-70% efficient units to the latest gas condensing combi and system appliances sitting in the 92-95% bracket for dramatically enhanced energy utilisation.

Upgrading an older G-rated boiler burns up to 30% less fuel over winter annually. This subsequently lowers heating expenses over time. Depending on current gas/fuel pricing, households switching to an A-rated gas combi boiler like Worcester’s 32CDi can expect significant annual savings.

While focusing primarily on potential cost savings makes sense, superior precision controls also deserve consideration for conveniently aligning heating schedules to lifestyle needs warding off any energy waste heating empty properties. Let’s explore this factor more around Worcester Bosch’s combi boiler offerings.

Inspecting Worcester Bosch’s Flagship Greenstar Combi Line-up

The Greenstar combi gas boiler range from Worcester Bosch makes deciding on the right replacement boiler easier through simplified options and naming conventions. Models follow intuitive numbering like Greenstar 25Si denoting a 25kW output combi ideal for smaller 1-2 bedroom dwellings without extensive simultaneous hot water demands. Jumping to the feature-packed Greenstar 32CDi meets the increased heating and hot water needs of larger homes or properties with multiple bathrooms.

Both sit among the highest efficiency A-rated category for gas boilers with reasonably sized capacities below 30kW appropriate for average semi-detached and countryside homes. We’ll summarise the leading characteristics of these popular Worcester Bosch combi boiler models homeowners should consider:


Model Dimensions Central Heating Output Hot Water Flow Rate per Minute Suitable Homes
Greenstar 25Si 740 x 409 x 344 mm (compact) 25 kW 9.8 litres 1-4 bedroom
Greenstar 32CDi 740 x 409 x 344 mm (compact) 30 kW 16.4 litres 3-6+ bedroom
Common Across All Greenstar Combis:
• ErP A-rated for efficiency
• 5-year warranty as standard
• Compatible with smart heating controls
• Low NOx emissions under 40mg/kWh


Worcester’s premium CDi designation on certain Greenstar models for enhanced efficiency and heating denotes intelligent controls for superior gas use savings compared to their standard Si alternatives. Especially when incorporating wireless smart thermostats, CDi gas boilers optimise heating schedules around home occupancy translating into noticeable expenditure reductions over years of operation (More info on – Best Gas Boilers Ireland).

Assuming correct boiler sizing during your Worcester accredited installer’s site survey, either the Greenstar 25Si or 32CDi present excellent options offering the convenience of heating and hot water in a singular standalone wall-mounted unit. Plus their compact dimensions allow flexible positioning with pipe runs under 10 metres before needing pumps – ideal for home renovations.

Next, we explore this all-important installation process when welcoming a new gas combi boiler from Worcester Bosch into your home.

Installing a Replacement Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler

Transitioning to a modern A-rated Greenstar model brings significant advantages over clinging to an antiquated boiler lacking sufficient insulation or components now requiring costly maintenance given minimal remaining operational lifespans. Ireland’s Better Energy Homes program provides government grant funding to assist households in upgrading old, inefficient heating systems to newer, greener models. Managed through the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), the scheme aims to help qualifying homeowners replace antiquated boilers and upgrade controls like thermostats, helping provide warmer, more affordable heating while reducing environmental impact. (More info on – SEAI Heating Controls Upgrade Grant)

The program offers grants covering partial costs associated with new boiler installations and heating system enhancements meeting certain efficiency criteria. This helps alleviate financial barriers preventing families from transitioning away from carbon-intensive oil/gas boilers to next-generation heat pump systems. (More info on – Heat Pump Installers Ireland)

With a 5-10 year warranty from Worcester Bosch the latest generation of Greenstar gas boiler units stand ready to provide efficient cozy warmth and sufficient hot water for households for years ahead. Maintaining your system optimises longevity further.

Worcester Bosch Boilers Comparison – Keeping Worcester Bosch Gas Boilers Running at Peak Performance

While Greenstar combination and system boiler models already implement self-regulating functionality minimising manual oversight, following best practices around maintenance enhances longevity spanning over a decade before requiring upgrades. Consider annual inspections from your local Registered Gas Installer overseeing:

  • Pressure gauge levels
  • Pipe/venting condition
  • Flame health tests
  • Filter changes
  • Leak detection
  • Performance benchmarking
  • CO readings

This guarantees your Worcester Bosch boiler performs reliably at peak efficiency year after year. In the unlikely event of issues arising, Worcester Bosch combi and system boilers receive the backing of market-leading warranties.

Worcester Bosch Boilers Comparison – Choosing the Perfect Worcester Bosch Boiler Model for Your Home

When matched with professional installation and routine maintenance, Worcester Bosch’s reliable Greenstar wall-mounted gas boilers provide homeowners across the country with consistent comfort and energy savings for minimal yearly upkeep. Models like the 25Si combi and larger volume 32CDi cater to homes big and small.

Replacing antiquated boilers lacking sufficient insulation or modern integrated components controlling heating schedules no longer makes financial sense given available incentives and the superior capabilities of Worcester’s clever modulation matching boiler output to household demands preventing unnecessary heating cycles which waste money.

Arrange your Worcester Bosch accredited installer survey with NRM Plumbing Heating and Gas Boiler Replacement today to find your perfect Greenstar combi or system boiler replacement rated A for efficiency then relax enjoying greater comfort with lower heating overheads for winters to come.

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